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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is poised to do a network upgrade in November this year. At the moment, one of the bitcoin cash nodes, BitcoinABC, is working on plans to implement Sharding.  By implementing Sharding, Bitcoin Cash will be able to process a block using more machines, but in a lesser amount of time.  Simply put, it will make Bitcoin Cash (BCH) more scalable, and hence more usable as a currency.

Already bitcoin cash is one of the most usable cryptocurrencies in the market, and has been gaining merchant adoption on the basis of its core features. As such, if it becomes more scalable, then its adoption could increase exponentially, on the basis of its practicality.

But even with its advanced features, Bitcoin Cash is always the subject to so much hate in the crypto community, mainly due to its rivalry with bitcoin (BTC). The fact that it tries to position itself as the real bitcoin makes it the subject of controversy. Those who swear by Bitcoin Cash believe that it is the chain that actualizes the true vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the vision of a digital cryptographic currency that can replace government controlled fiat. However, hardcore Bitcoin (BTC) supporters believe that Bitcoin Cash does nothing but dilute Bitcoin (BTC). They also like to argue that it is somewhat centralized.

The key thing is that these are these issues only manifest in the crypto community. In the grand scheme of things, people who have no affiliations to individual coins don’t really care about the coin tribalism that exists in the crypto community. They are more interested in the utility value of the different coins, and this is why Bitcoin Cash has a future. For a business that wants to integrate crypto payments, the key thing they need is usability.

They need a crypto that is fast, has low fees, is secure, and to a large extent anonymous for transaction privacy. These are all core attributes that define Bitcoin Cash (BCH), making it a great crypto for business. If by any chance it implements Sharding, it will become even more practical, since it will be better positioned to handle large-scale transactions without any problems in the system. That’s huge, and could see the value of this crypto rise substantially over time.  All it will take is for cryptos to go mainstream and Bitcoin Cash will see huge gains.

For investors looking for nothing but pure gains, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is without a doubt one of the best cryptos to watch at the moment.  That’s because with the upcoming network upgrades in November, investors will start to FOMO into it, especially now that the market is now turning more bullish, with bitcoin (BTC) now close to $7000.  As FOMO kicks in, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) stands a good chance to hit $1000 or more in coming months. It has the fundamentals to support such gains, especially if it implements Sharding.


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