EOS (EOS) has been able to hold on to the 5th position as one of the most valuable coins in the crypto verse today. From the word go, the outfit took a serious direction and stayed on course to build a platform that is scalable and better from the first and second generation blockchains. The coin has become a force in the industry to the extent of challenging the dApp hubs like Ethereum.

In a recent survey by the Chines government, EOS has emerged top among platforms of repute. This is the third month since June that has seen the EOS coin beat other contenders. The results have seen Ethereum emerge second seen. The coin is also leading in the Technology index category putting Ethereum at an uneasy situation.

EOS Smooth Ride Poised to Continue

With many major coins and altcoins minding their internal issues, EOS has remained focused on its roadmap. With the Bitcoin ETF still unresolved, Stellar Lumens listing on Coinbase and lawsuits derailing Ripple, dApp enthusiasts are streaming to EOS.  The recent migration of ICOs and other projects from Ethereum has seen the EOS platform gain additional adoption.

Ethereum is looking at its market share slip as it battles with issues with smart contracts and the rising transaction fees due to network congestion. The popularity of EOS as the preferred destination for developers is set to hold as Ethereum and other dApp centric platforms put their acts together.

EOS popularization Campaigns Bearing Fruits

EOS has repositioned itself as the next dApp hub through their social media hash tag #BuiltOnEOSIO. The efforts appear to have started bearing fruits. Sydney’s Emanate has announced they are building a musical ecosystem on EOSIO. This could open the floodgates for more creators to come onboard the EOS ecosystem.

Music streaming has become very popular and the new outfit is aiming on leveraging on economies of scale. However, musical content developers are set to benefit from selling pre-recorded music and eke a living. According to the team behind the Emanate project ked by the CEO, Sean Gardner:

“We are building an “Audio Exchange protocol that will put the music community back at the center of their world.”

Emanate will decentralize the streaming of music while at the same time allow musician get rewarded in real time once their content is accessed by their fans and listeners. According to the Emanate website:

“Each time artists collaborate an agreement is executed on the ledger. This brings clear transparency to the artists, and for the music producers and record labels it expedites the processes of dealing with multiple parties and long negotiations.”

With such real life use cases turning to EOS for solutions, the sky is the limit for the EOS coin and economy. Using the native EOS currency to discover music will turn its fortunes around and the signs are starting to show as the price appears to be inching up immediately after the news broke out.

Current EOS Price and Future prediction

At press time, the EOS coin was trading at $6.18 with impressive gains of 14.68% to the dollar and 12.59% to Bitcoin. The onboarding of Emanate could have a hand in the price gain in the last 24-hour trading session though it also comes at a time when the market is undergoing correction.

The EOS coin bull support appear to continue keeping it above the $5 mark and this could turn out to be a short term spike before the bears take control. All said, the coin had delivered four times its ICO profits and the platform is still under development and this offers the best investment value proposition so far in the market.


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