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Digibyte (DGB): Antum, a Belgian online identity platform will be incorporating Digi-ID into their systems. In a press release on the 27th of August, the company stated that they will be including it in their Antum ID platform. Part of the announcement read as follows.

“Antum will include the DigiByte Digi-ID within the AntumID platform as a blockchain authentication tool. This authentication will also be used for all external services with our affiliated partners.”

This is welcome news and goes to show that the world is taking note of the power of the Digibyte blockchain. Digibyte founder, Jared Tate, has consistently said that Digibyte (DGB) biggest use case is in cyber security, and this vision is without a doubt taking shape. AntumID is big not just in Belgium, but all through the EU as well, which makes it a big partnership for Digibyte.   As such, this adoption could a catalyst for other entities focused on cyber security to start using Digibyte as well.

As Digibyte’s cyber security features gain prominence, one of the industries where it could gain massive adoption is the finance industry, specifically, banking. Most banks nowadays do online banking, a service that requires the customer to log-in using a username and password. However, this is increasingly becoming a serious risk, as hackers become more sophisticated.

A system like Digi-ID offers the perfect solution for banks to offer online services without exposing their customers to any kind of risk, while transacting. With Digi-ID, a client can access their banking information without using usernames or passwords, hence adding to an extra layer of security for the customer.  Given that banking is a trillion dollar industry, a wide adoption of Digibyte will be a massive boost to the value of this crypto, since it would create lots of buzz around it in investment circles.

Social media sites could also find Digibyte security quite useful in the future. That’s because by using Digibyte instead of traditional log-in systems, it would make hacking almost impossible.  In a world where most people now live their lives on the internet, Digi-ID would be a very welcome addition, in a move to protect user identity. Like banking, the adoption of Digi-ID by social media platforms, especially the better-known ones would create enough buzz to have an impact on the value of Digibyte (DGB).

While this may sound like wild speculation at the moment, every indication points to this happening sooner, rather than later. Antum has opened the way, and the AT&T sim jacking incident got people talking about online security, and how blockchain technology can offer solutions.  We could be headed into a future where Digibyte (DGB) is at the base of all systems that require digital identity verification. Where this could take the value of DGB is anyone’s guess.


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