Noah Coin, NOAH

The innovative Noah Coin (NOAH) continues to attract a lot of attention across the globe after making it public that they are launching the first ever crypto city; the Noah City. This could be the first DLT powered city and could give the platform a competitive edge over the rest in the crypto verse.

The coin, originally the Noah Ark Coin rebranded recently to Noah Coin and has been making headlines since its new look was unveiled. More interestingly the crypto city initiative of developing the first of its kind real estate driven by crypto economy by the Noah Foundation has left investors on the edge. Christened Noah City is slated for manila and Sol City.

Noah Coin Creating a Borderless Economy

With the increased cryptocurrency uptakes being witnessed across the globe, their real world use cases are the current craze and the team behind the Noah Coin appears to have hit the real estate G-spot with the introduction of crypto powered city. This is set to introduce transparency in the industry and significantly reducing the time it takes to conclude deals in the market.

However, the Noah City initiative takes a different angle:

“In Noah City, users will be able to transfer value both in crypto and fiat. Those who use our native Noah Coin will benefit from significant discounts.”

“Notably, Noah Coin will move freely throughout all projects, being delivered by the Noah Project. Thus, contributors will be able to support long-term infrastructure ventures directly, without any need to move outside the internal ecosystem.”

In the case of the crypto powered Noah City according to their latest post:

“In Sol City, smarts contracts are expected to run the majority of financial, legal and administrative transactions. Naturally, it’s hard to predict how exactly this will shape up in reality but this project may show the path for other towns to follow.”

Noah Coin Long Journey to Crypto Noah City

The Noah coin developers team have been working on the crypto city project since 2017 and at the time of writing, an holiday resort names Noah Resort is already operational in the in the Philippines’ Dakak par and Beach. The announcement of venturing in other locations has hyped up the coin and its gains have surprised many.

This has seen the NOH coin value skyrocketed to move it to the top 100 most valuable coins in the crypto verse today. Since the crypto cities news hit the headline, NOAH coin price has experienced a huge surge north at the backdrop of a market that is struggling to recover from the current slump and many analysts feel the surge is short term and the coin stability will be realized in a few days’ time.

Noah Coin (NOAH) Price Outlook

At the time of filing this report, NOAH coin is ranked 72 by market cap and this is a huge milestone to its community and foundation given that it has been off and on the top 100. Playing with the big boys means more visibility and increased adoption globally. Secondly, the Noah City driven economy comes at a time when the real estate sector is crying for immutable data preservation, transparency and fast transactions to close cross border deals.

The last 24 hours has seen the Noah coin trade at $0.002428 after gaining18.86% to the dollar and 20.94% and 23.54% to BTC and ETH respectively. Although the hype is ebbing off from the previous 54.27% there is hope that the market recovery will cushion it from further drops in the coming weeks.


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