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The ICON (ICX) to be in a mission to explore new opportunities and building new strategic partnerships that will take their ecosystem to a new level. In their bid to speed up the project development, the networks’ council members have paid Jeju Island governor, Hee-ryong a visit on Friday.

Accompanied by a team from DeBlock, a venture capital outfit and two ICIN based Dapps; the official ICON advertising outfit; weBlock and STAYGE, a blockchain based leader in the entertainment sector. This gesture is a clear indication of ICON indent to explore the opportunities in South Korea and accelerate ICX uptake in the region.

Jeju Island ICON (ICX) Choice

Jeju Island is the next cryptocurrency hub and the details of the meeting are yet to be made public but indications are that the coin is trying to reposition itself to strengthen its visibility in the Korean market. However, a tweet from the head of research and investment manager at DeBlock, Markus says:

“Today, Jeju Governor of Korea, who’s trying to make Korea a Blockchain hub, held a meeting with the @helloiconworld ICON Council Members, @Deblockvc, and 2 ICON Dapp projects: @STAYGE_One @webloc_io.”

Government officials in Korea are talking with ICON @helloiconworld.

— Markus (@markusjayvc) August 30, 2018

The visit barely a few weeks after the governor requested to Korean government to make the island a blockchain and crypto hub. By becoming a safe haven for digital currencies and ICO, Jeju will become the ICON (ICX) springboard to become the true Ethereum of Korea.

New ICON (ICX) Partnership Inked

In another development, ICON (ICX) has inked a strategic partnership deal with W Foundation on Global Green Gas Reduction Compensation. This deal will see a combined effort to tap in to blockchain and to reduce pollution with the compensation proceeds going to alleviate refugee relief.

The W Foundation is not new in the venture given its past collaboration governments and global organization for the last 6 years. Since 2012, the charitable organization has been running the HOOXI campaign in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

Using WPG tokens, the organization will reward system individuals and firms that work towards elimination of greenhouse gas emissions. WPG is the native token for the organization that rides on blockchain technology and ICON will facilitate WGP reward system integration to its network.

Additional Use Case for ICON (ICX) and W Foundation WPG Token

Will signing the memorandum of understanding, W Foundation CEO, YuRi Christine Lee has said:

 “Since W Green Pay is a reward system provided to the people, it is important to have a security system. Through this agreement, ICON and the W Foundation will cooperate to make sure WGP can become a more stable blockchain project.”

On its part, ICON, through J.H. Kim, a council member adds:

“This agreement applies not only to business, but also to nonprofit areas including natural conservation campaigns. This agreement has great significance as a starting point for changing the world.”

The initiative has the backing of the various ICON communities through contributions this has added another real life use cases through the HOOXI mall and its partner outlets whilst utilizing the organizations’ credit cards in a transparent blockchain enabled environment.

The good news has seen the ICON ICX coin skyrocketed in the last 24 hour trading session to hit the double digit. At the time of going to press, ICX is trading at $0.918467 with positive gains of11.81% and 8.81% to the dollar and bitcoin.


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