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The crypto-sphere has come of age and now coins are being classified according to their real world use as compared to their value in the charts. Drops and surges in prices have become a tool to determine their performance in the market and have been a preserve for speculators and ReddCoin (RDD) is riding on its use case rather than the price movement.

ReddCoin is already dominating the social media through integration to make social media goes enjoy what they do and at the same time use the network to send and receive digital coins. This is a rewarding experience and one the integration is fully operational on social platforms of repute like Reddit and Twitter, it will be a real use case that will touch millions of users in these networks.

ReddCoin Way Ahead of the Competition

Three months ago, ReddCoin became the first social blockchain network to secure documents that defines it as a utility backed token. Simply put, the system is not a security and has the freedom to integrate with other institutions that comply with the regulations and this puts it in the eyes of global users.

The release of the ReddID Social Tipping Extension and app is set to be the next game changer in social network. This is s revolutionary tool that will enable you access all your social network’s accounts from a central secure point; the ReddID. What’s more; this is a single button that will enable you tip your fellow social network goers of get tipped. It is about time you stopped storing users names and complex addresses to access your favorite channels.

The completion of ReddID Beta testing will usher in a new era for the ReddCoin community and social media lovers. The Social Tipping Extension is ushering in unique features and these will carter for popular social networks in the market as well as smaller upcoming ones and this will send ReddCoin visibility and eventual adoption to the moon whilst it transform into a house hold name with a global outreach.

“We will be providing a mechanism (likely an API) to be able to easily provide that functionality. Reddcoin Core is continuing to work as hard as possible to improve and deliver ReddID. We hope you’ll all come along. If you’d like to help the team build, no matter what your skills are, all are welcome. Let us know! Stake On!!”

ReddCoin (RDD) Value Proposition

The RDD price is headed to an explosion zone given the mass adoption anticipated from the social networks. Integration of the anticipated API like function will make it easy to tip on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube without much fuss and audience ready cut out and ready for a tipping tool. In a recent tweet through @reddcoin handle dated August 26 simply summarizes the way forward:Reddcoin

The ReddCoin community appears to be gearing up for the revolutionary tipping extension move and this has seen the RDD price appreciation begin to shape up in the last few days. At the time of compiling this report, RDD coin stood at $ 0.002927 with marginal gains against the USD and BTC of 3.62% and 3.26% respectively.

The coin is lowly priced and affordable to social media goers and users and 28.8billion RDD total supply can be able to sustain the market going forward. With high transactions speeds, low fees and transactions to micro levels, RDD is a best fit for the social tipping. It ia also the right time to start staking up before the price surges.


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