Dash Coin

Including Dogecoin (DOGE), the pair DASH/USD are out of the highest gainers for the top leading currencies for this weekend. Dash (DASH) opened doors to the 1st of September with a strong 15.00% increase in the last 24-hours.

Currently Dash coin is at 12 spot on the Coinmarketcap list surpassing Tron (TRX) after the market has gone Bullish in last 24 hours. At present, DASH is leading BTC market by 11% in the green while overcoming $200 mark after two failed attempts two days ago.Not making above the important level, handled the wheel to the bears which tanked the pair to the lows of $175.00. However, DASH has gone for the monthly highest now following the bullish trend after overtaking the market for the past two days.

The multi-digital asset wallet Atomic Wallet has announced that the 12th largest coin is integrated to save it. Konstantin Gladych – CEO of Atomic Wallet added:

“We have two main goals. First of all, Atomic[‘s] team is [tasked with] development of secure, convenient, user friendly multi-assets solution. Also, our wallet works with built-in Atomic swap exchange and we are very interested in mass implementation of it. We truly believe in decentralized technologies of blockchain, and we want to introduce it to all of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.”

Atomic Wallet only released their alpha version this past April, but already feature over 300 coins and tokens. They are currently in late beta testing and boast more than 50,000 desktop downloads and over 20,000 monthly active users. They are planning to release an Android and iOS app soon and are exclusive partners with CoinMarketCap.

They saw Dash (DASH) aligning very closely with their own goals and thus believed the integration would be a natural fit. Atomic Wallet said that they love Dash and all the ideas behind the project. As they can see, transactions in Dash Coin significantly surpass Bitcoin speed, while retaining high security level. Also, their goals are pretty similar. They want to build a crypto world, full of decentralized technologies without any third-party control. Dash has an active and dedicated community, which can be interested in using Atomic Wallet.

Atomic Wallet after the deal with DASH is hoping to gain popularity by providing a great decentralized service that further secures users’ privacy for ever cheaper rates.Atomic Wallet is the first decentralized exchange solution with friendly UI and a bunch of major features like hardware wallets integration, dApps browser, Simplex credit card payment for crypto and instant exchange options.

One of their big goals is to educate new people to use crypto everyday. Atomic Wallet hopes that Dash community members will like it! Atomic Wallet added that they are committed to working hard to develop a convenient solution for managing Dash portfolio and hopefully will add an Atomic swap option for Dash Coin.


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