Digibyte, DGB

Digibyte (DGB) has had a good year so far. The biggest development has been in terms of investor awareness. More than ever before, more people know about Digibyte (DGB).  This is mainly due to the shakeup of ICOs that has happened in the last 8 months, which were the main reason behind the crypto mad rush of 2017.  More investors are beginning to realize that not all projects that use the name blockchain actually have anything to do with its true essence of decentralization. That’s why true UTXO blockchains are now gaining in demand.

Digibyte has also made some huge steps in terms of adoption. Today, a growing number of people in Venezuela are now using Digibyte for payments, due to the collapse of their national currency. The same thing is happening in Turkey.  A few weeks ago, when the Turkish currency started tumbling, Digibyte volumes shot up alongside those of Bitcoin (BTC).

That’s a key indicator that people believe Digibyte can be a viable alternative to government controlled currency. This is a huge step, one that validates the usefulness of Digibyte (DGB) on the basis of its decentralization, and its community driven nature, which eliminates any possibility of it getting censored by any nation-state.

This aspect to it is about to get better all thanks to the upcoming Digibyte Core v7.16.1 (Algo swap).  The whole idea behind this hard fork is to make Digibyte friendlier to GPU miners, hence maintaining its decentralized nature.  By maintaining true decentralization, Digibyte (DGB) stands to gain more adoption as people turn to politically neutral money. Outside of its usage as a currency, Digibyte has made some huge strides in terms of adoption in cyber security.  It’s only a few days ago that Antum announced that they were integrating Digi-ID into their systems, a move that has been received quite well in the market.

With such positive developments, the future for Digibyte (DGB) is without a doubt quite bright. Looking further in 2019, Digibyte will be launching Digibyte Core v7.17.1, which is aimed at incentivizing the community to participate more in DGB.   This will add to the awareness levels of Digibyte, further adding to its intrinsic value.  In essence for an investor looking for a crypto with an element of longevity and a strong intrinsic value to it, Digibyte is definitely the coin to watch. A return of positive sentiment in crypto, coupled with a higher level of adoption, could see it test $1 in the near-term


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