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As the jittery market continues to show positive recovery strides, Verge (XVG) is among the gainers for the last 24 hours. Major coins and select altcoins are showing an upward momentum with the overall market volumes beginning to climb. The Verge family has every reason to smile as they anticipate a series of straight lines in the charts in the coming days.

The nervous market dip experienced two days ago appears to be ebbing away and set to usher in new heights. The market has shown a slight dip from $233billion recorded on 29 August to the current $231billion and with the current corrections, the next few days might see a short term breakout and Verge (XVG) is set to be among the highest gainers.

Good News for Verge Coin Holders

Anycoin Direct has announced addition of Verge (XVG) and traders can buy and sell the coin. With the new support, it is now possible to sell XVG and the proceeds deposited directly into your bank account. Anycoin is a Europe based crypto exchange and has become popular hub for traders looking for a seamless and frictionless trade between digital currencies and fiat money.

The XVG visibility is on the rise given that traders can now trade their XVG directly with the Euro and other listed fiat currencies on the Anycoin Direst platform.  The beauty of the exchange is that it supports direct payments and they do not actually hold any user funds. However, users have rated the service provider as a reliable one that fast and respected.

In a short tweet through their official twitter handle, AnycoinDirect said:


While making the announcement to the VergeFam, a Verge Core team member, Arend wrote:

“#VergeFam, we are happy to announce that Europeans can now buy $XVG directly with $EUR on @anycoinDirect! Anycoindirect is one of the biggest European exchanges for #cryptocurrency. Buy your XVG now on #XVG#Verge#CryptoCurrency#crypto#FIATtoXVG”

The listing of Verge Coin has seen a lot of positive reaction with fans optimistic that the move was long overdue AKshay, a software developer and crypto enthusiast based in Bangalore in India added support for the move saying:

“After #indians, now its #europians, who can purchase verge with native fiat currency. #XVG”

Increased Verge (XVG) Popularity and Price Gains

Verge privacy functionalities and its everyday usability seem to be driving the digital asset to the world and the rising adoption has continually impacted positively on the price gains. This is among the very few coins that combine privacy, decentralization, efficiency and fast transactions in the crypto-sphere.

Demand for private transactions is on the rise and this is one major reason why AnycoinDirect has chosen Verge to provide the missing link between crypto and fiat privacy. As the crypto verse appears to be moving in unison, Verge XVG coin seems to be among the gainers of the day. The market adjustment could not have come at a better time as XVG tries to go for mass adoption.

The last 24-hour period has seen the Verge (XVG) price get a spike of 6.63% to the dollar to trade at $0.015161. With reduced volatility in the market, no extra ordinary gains are anticipated from Verge Coin. The coins’ off and on movement between green and red will remain prominent early September.


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