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Verge (XVG) has ushered in a new month and Q4 in style and the spirit has been on in Q3. If the latest developer updates are anything to write home about, Verge is in a class of their own. The coin started the year on a low note and the momentum has been growing; a move that has given the platform a lot of exposure and noticeable growth in adoption.

The completion of the Verge-Bitcoin Core compatibility project, users will have the ability to create custom forks and come up with their unique coins. All you will need to do is play around with the codes and you are set. This is set to be an interesting phase in Verge history given that users will also have control over digital asset portfolios and the ability to transfer the same to other wallets seamlessly.

Recent Verge (XVG) API Updates

Through a Medium blog post, the developer team at Verge, through their lead and core developer, Swen van Zanten, says that the API clients’ works are in progress in readiness for the anticipated wallet range and explains that:

“The Insight API created by BitPay under the MIT license will be used to communicate with the hosted Verge node. The blockchain REST API was originally created for Bitcoin. But as Verge, with the new upcoming codebase, will be fully compatible with Bitcoin. We can easily use the Insight software provided by BitPay.”

The goal is to make communication between Verge nodes seamless. With the updated codebase in the offing, it will make the compatibility between Verge and Bitcoin possible. Bitpay created the API client to use on Bitcoin but its use case has been extended to verge. This is a big XVG use case boost with the perfect timing.

Verge Rebasing to Bitcoin Completion

The rebasing of Verge code is headed for completion with the team reporting that it has completed Verge to Bitcoin Core v0.13 rebasing with the goal of moving to the next phase of Bitcoin Core v0.17. To bring the VergeFam to light, Zanten explains what rebasing is all about:

“Anyone can fork Bitcoin Core, change a few lines of code, and have a new coin. Since Verge has been around for a while, and we have our differences, the challenge has been to merge those differences onto the latest Bitcoin Core.”

The official adds that:

Features like Tor, multi-algorithm, stealth addressing, are the things that distinguish Verge from Bitcoin Core.

Verge Wallet Keys Update

The update indicates that wallet keys have been updates as well and this will enhance the user experience while handling their funds going forward. This will make funds manageable with an additional option to spread funds to various accounts depending on individual users:

”We will also make sure that your funds are separately handled UI wise, which for example means, that if your fund from your daily used account isn’t sufficient, you won’t be able to transact the money unless you additionally approve that you want to deduct your open transaction value from your saving’s account.”

Verger Team Update and XVG Price

The periodic Verge team updates to the community have always had a positive impact on the XVG price and the latest update has seen the coin burst into the double digit trading with gains of over 30%. However, at the time of reporting, the coin was trading $0.019915 with 24-hour gains of 25.25% to the dollar.

In the markets, XVG/BTC pair appears to have become very popular with the top three exchanges reporting increased volumes. Binance takes the lead with the latest to add XVG on their platform, Bittrex coming up second with UpBit third sharing the $37.2 million at 50.08%, 17.48 and 11.59% respectively.


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