Digibyte, DGB

Digibyte (DGB): The crypto market today is full of ICO promising exceptional returns. However, most of them are nothing but pure money grabs. To understand the precarious nature of these projects, one just needs to look at a token like the Useless Ethereum Token (UET). This ICO project makes it clear that it has nothing to offer, and that by buying the token, you are simply making someone rich. Interestingly, it does have investors, and ranks at position 1374 on market cap ranking, with a valuation of $0.013 per token.

This is a perfect representation of how money is distributed in useless projects. But unlike UET, most of them are packaged as promising projects, that are about to change the world. These projects are ticking time bombs that are waiting blow up, and literally go to zero.

That’s why to stay safe in this market, it is best to invest in true UTXO blockchains like Digibyte (DGB).  Unlike ICOs where the owners of the project can easily disappear with investors’ money, Digibyte (DGB) is completely community driven. There is no single entity that can take money and walk away.  As such, even when markets drop, investors can always bank on the fact that it will bounce back at some point. There is a real community behind it, supporting its value.

Besides, since Digibyte (DGB) is actually a real blockchain that has serious stuff going on, it stands quite a strong chance of widespread adoption. Corporations, and entire industries, looking to adopt blockchain will in the long-run focus on projects that stand on solid ground. That’s because the integration of blockchain technology into existing systems is sensitive, and requires stability.

It’s for the same reason that Wall Street is very interested in bitcoin (BTC), even though it’s not the fastest or the most efficient.  It’s also the same reason why Digibyte is drawing the interest of companies like Antum. Antum is choosing Digibyte (DGB) because its security features are transparent and verifiable.

As the market continues to weed out weak projects, the use-case of Digibyte and other UTXO blockchains will develop, and prices will rise. DGB stands a good chance of rising to the top 5 in market cap rankings. The upgrades that Digibyte is making, and the increased awareness it is getting in the market will play a huge role in pushing it to these higher rankings.


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