Holochain (HOT): With the crypto market getting friendlier and Bitcoin price resting on 7,200, many investors are overlooking the role altcoins are playing in the market rally matrix. The alternative coins values are also headed north which has given a push to the overall volume of 234.7 leaving Bitcoin to dominate 53.0% of the total market.

Holochain (HOT), a new market entrant in the peer-to-peer applications network appears to a hot pick. The platform is promising and innovative “internet” that will ride on users’ smartphones. It cuts out the need of having cloud based servers putting the full potential of blockchain into its real use. This will make full use of your underutilized computer capacities.

What is Special about Holochain (HOT)?

Holochain is all about enabling users to take full control of their personal data and identities. The ecosystem cuts out third parties and enables users connect with other applications without the use of a central system with the use of light apps. All the network applications (hApps) are held by the user making them light, fast and affordable.

“The structure is different, so it’s not about a distributed ledger that everybody is connecting to; it’s about having individual source chains that are validated against each other and checked against their neighbors, so there’s sufficiency rather than everybody having to get on.”

Cutting out hosts and putting the users directly in control, more participants can use applications with unlimited hosting and storage capabilities. For this reason, Holochain entry into the market has been seen to challenge dApp leaders like Ethereum in terms of speed and scalability.

Holochain (HOT) and Mozilla Hype

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Holochain could be headed to a partnership with Mozilla. Mozilla is known for its connection with the one of the most popular browser, Firefox. In a recent interview on YouTube, the CFO at Mozilla and a Netflix co-founder, Jim Cook indicated a big possibility of the two outfits working together in the future.

The CFO affirmed that the Holochain underlying technology is well placed for full decentralization. The focus is now shifting from market giants like Facebook and Google monopoly to peer-to-peer blockchain based entities and Holochain is the next hub. This could turn out to be the mother of all strategic partnerships in the crypto industry.

High Profile Partnerships in the Market

The recent past has seen many high profile partnerships turn around various altcoins and the Mozilla Holochain could move the 51st most valuable coin by market cap to the top 20 by close of 2018. A bull-run from such a high profile partner could stamp Holochain (HOT) authority in the market making the token a hot cake for the cloud computing industry.

The HOT price has been skyrocketing as part of the ongoing market correction, however; the upcoming “ask me anything” event scheduled for September 4 will be a key highlight in Holochain route to market and growth in its visibility. The AMA event will also educate the community and investor what the platform is all about.

Holochain (HOT) Price Outlook

With the anticipated high profile partnership with Mozilla in the horizon, the hype has seen a tremendous HOT price spike that could surpass its all-time high of $0.001914 on 5th May. The coin gained 30.24% in the last 24-hour trading session to push the price to $0.001153. This has been handed a boost by the current alternative coin rally and could stabilize in the single digit levels in the coming weeks.

The listing of Holochain (HOT) on Binance exchange saw the coin price appreciate by over 59% in July and its popularity appears to hold. To date, Binance still controls a large percentage of the coins volumes in the market with 87.74% in the last 24 hours which saw the HOT/BTC and HOT/ETH as the most popular pairs.


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