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Basic Attention Token (BAT): What are the key reasons that drive you to invest in a crypto? Is it hype or the fundamentals? For most people, it is the hype that drives their investment decisions, which can be catastrophic in the long run. For successful investing, the key factor to look at, outside of the rate of adoption is the market size. The best cryptos to invest in, are those that aim to disrupt big markets that are worth hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars. One such crypto is none other than basic attention token (BAT).  This crypto may not be attracting lots of buzz, but it has a bright future ahead of it.

That’s because, it is taking aim at one of the largest markets in the world, the online advertising industry. By conservative estimates, the online advertising industry is worth at least $500 billion. That’s why companies that have captured this market, such as Google and Facebook, are worth so much. But while this market is extremely lucrative, it is also highly inefficient.

As currently structured, this market is skewed in favour of the corporate behemoths that act as advert platforms. They pocket most of the revenues, while content publishers only get a tiny portion of it. Consumers too are constantly bombarded with adverts that may not necessarily be what they are looking for. Privacy has also become a major concern thanks to the monetization of personal data by third party corporations.

These are issues that have become a source of concern for most people, and BAT offers the perfect solution, and at the right time.  BAT through the brave browser gives power back to the user. A users data is never sold to third parties, and through machine learning, users only get to see content that is most interesting to them, and adverts that are most relevant to their needs. With its strong privacy and the fact that it gives power to users and publishers, there is no doubt that brave will gain quick adoption as more users get to know about it.

For investors in Basic Attention Token (BAT), the greatest asset is the fact that this browser is yet to gain widespread adoption. This means that an investment at current levels would offer a great opportunity for growth, as the brave browser gains in adoption. If it gains adoption that is as wide as chrome or any of the more mainstream browsers in the market today, then the value of BAT token could easily surge to 10s of dollars. That’s because it is the token that is used in the brave browser, and as brave gains in adoption, so will the value of the BAT token. Therefore, investing in BAT is pretty much similar to investing in a company like Google in its early days, before it went mainstream.  Its value as an investment is immense.


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