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Since forking from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) has been rising steadily from its entry into the market. The coin was not among the top hundred and has climbed the ranks to position 24 by market cap value. The coin growth has faced ups and downs and the current bearish market has not spared it.

Bitcoin Diamond BCD) Listed on Binance

While the coin has been showing tremendous improvement in the market, it has gotten a listing nod from Binance exchange. This boost appears to have come at the right rime with the coin price skyrocketing to a high of 123% in less than 24 hours after the announcement.

A tweet from Binance conveying the good new read:


#Binance Opens Deposits and Withdrawals for Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)…

9.33 AM -Sep 5, 2018

This comes at a time when the market leaders are trading on the red for the batter part of the day. Binance listings are followed with lot of support to the coin added and for Bitcoin Diamond, the support appears overwhelming. The instant increase in price, value and volume brings an end to the community campaign period for the coin to be listed on the exchange.

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Route to Market

The forking of the coin from Bitcoin last year was to solve the problems of slow transaction times and high transaction fees. This was envisioned to make the platform more accessible by the ordinary and reputable investors. The Bitcoin price growth send adopters to Bitcoin Diamond since it appeared to be the entry level into the crypto-sphere.

The platform has since been working on increasing the block sizes, simplifying the mining process and increasing the total coin supply. The fork appears to have weighed the coin down and the investor confidence has been creeping in. this has also limited its growth due to lack of visibility.

Listing on Binance is a huge boost and one of the easiest routes to the market. The exchange commands a lot of respect in the crypto verse and this create interest from investors. Once trust is achieved, the investor will be able to stock up the coin and mark the begging of the coin long journey to the top ten.

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) in the Market

The last one week has seen the BCD coin begin to stabilize and the bears seemed to slow it down prior to the Binance listing good news. At the tie of reporting, the coin momentum appears to have slowed down with many supporters anticipated the coin to hit 200% growth.

At the time of reporting, the BCD coin was trading at $2.98 after massive gains of 124.57% and 134.87% to the dollar and Bitcoin respectively. This is a huge spike experienced by a coin after getting listed on Binance this year.

However, as Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) holders wait for the news to sink still leads in volumes in the market with 39.67% flowed closely by the Binance with 33.04% of the total volumes pushed in to the market in the last 24 hours. BCD/USDT and BCD/BTC are the most popular pairs of the day.


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