ChangeHero, an instant crypto exchange platform has added a new trading pair listing TRON (TRX) allowing users to exchange the digital currency with the USD using their credit cards. The listing improves access to the token which is quickly growing and adapting itself to developments in the distributed ledger ecosystem. The listing on ChangeHero makes it easier, faster and more secure for investors to use their credit cards to make cryptocurrency purchases.

ChangeHero is tackling the challenges associated with transparency and banks’ aversion to the digital currency industry which has for a long time discouraged investors from participating in the industry. The exchange eliminates the need to first purchase other digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum before users can acquire other altcoins.

TRON (TRX) has recently launched the Tron Virtual Machine which will allow users to host decentralized applications on its blockchain. The virtual machine makes TRON a direct competitor with Ethereum’s virtual machine and increases the functionality of the ecosystem. TRON has however faced setbacks that have seen its price shed up to 34% coming into September.

The coin is currently valued at USD 1.38 billion having gained almost 2% within the last 24 hours. TRON’s fall in price may be attributed to Goldman Sach’s decision to cancel its plans to launch a crypto trading desk, which would have greatly benefited the coin, which currently ranks 13th by market capitalization.

At the launch of the Tron Virtual Machine, Sun, TRON’s CEO also announced the acquisition of BitTorrent, making TRON the largest decentralized ecosystem globally. The acquisition propels the decentralized platform towards its goal of completely democratizing the Internet. The integration of BitTorrent onto the TRON ecosystem will add to the global payment and settlement of online content on the blockchain further enhancing its usability. Users will be able to earn tokens for uploading content on the platform and incentivize them to continue seeding even after the download is completed. The services will be offered through project Atlas which will require no mining encouraging users to use tokens made available on the platform.

However, not all participants are excited about the acquisition with some raising concerns over the execution of the plan. Other concerns raised are the potential for piracy and intellectual property law suits expected with the introduction of financial value to BitTorrent services. The integration is also seen as a time bomb that could see TRON foundation shut down in many countries if it is not conducted properly. However, the integration is set to benefit open source companies which would be allowed to share large files at reduced costs.

TRON has also partnered with Crypto & Proud, allowing enthusiasts to use TRON (TRX) to purchase apparel and accessories for the crypto community. TRON merchandise will be added to the already existing 9 crypto collections expanding crypto lifestyle’s store offerings. The goal of the store is to increase awareness for crypto projects through their products. Items available for purchase at the store include crypto branded T-shirts and phone covers among others targeted at the general public including teenagers and traders. The store currently accepts payments in over 50 different cryptocurrencies including TRON (TRX).


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