Holochain, hot

Holochain (HOT), the latest peer to peer app network is on fire and has been become very attractive among a market that is dominated by Bitcoin and to some extend Ethereum. The coin has been making huge steps and its increased volumes have seen it steadily rise in the market cap rankings to 41st position from 43rd place in less than 24-hour period.

Holochain continues to surprise many crypto verse goers and has managed to stay in the green trading zone for the last 24 hours while the market leaders are stuck in the red zone. HOT was the only coin trading in the double digits at the time of reporting and this shows its resilience in a market dominated by block-centric players.

Holochain (HOT) is trading at $0.001421 after noticeable gains of 20.03% to the green buck, 19.75% to BTC and 24.22% to ETH. This growth is a clear warning to other players in the industry; Holochain ecosystem is coming with a better value proposition and it will eat into the competitor market share given its block-less nature and unsurpassed scalability. With the current volatile crypto space, the HOT price surge might hold and for the long term investor, this is the opportune time to stake up.

Why the Holochain (HOT) Interest?

The hype around Holochain has been put into headlines by the expected links with Mozilla and the Firefox browser mastermind. To crypto enthusiasts, this is poised turn out to become the best fit across the crypto-sphere since according to the developer team;

 “Holochain isn’t based on blockchain technology and boasts a faster and more scalable solution than a single platform like Ethereum.”

Holochain technology is billed as the most prescient in the market today and a deal with the browser expert would be a big boost for HOT coin. The CFO at Mozilla, Jim Cook, who is also a Netflix co-founder, through a YouTube video appears to be supporting such a partnership.

Since listing on Binance three months, Holochain (HOT) the coin has been token has been received well and the community has seen it eat in to markets that were previously dominated by BTC and ETH. According to the Binance trading pairs, the coin keeps rising through the ranks and its popularity has given it the right visibility at the right time.

Cook sees the current blockchain industry decentralization as not enough and Holochain is set to be more decentralized than any other platform. He cites internet based platform like Facebook and Google that have remained centralized and failed to embrace the peer-to-peer technology. He concludes the entry of Holochain into the market mars the end of their dominance.

Expected Holochain (HOT) Partnership Benefits

A simple boost on Holochain is all it need for the Holochain price to turn in to a hot cake and with the partner name already a global brand, achieving huge visibility for the token will be very welcome. The Mozilla impetus is likely to draw in more investors and this is what any token is dying for.

This comes at a time when a simple market correction is keeping the investors and to some extent, the prospector to stake on any promising digital asset. After the successful “Ask Me Anything” event organized by the HOT team on September 4, a lot of clarity on the project was achieved and increased adoption is in the way. This will create more interest for Mozilla as the market will be ripe for their partnership.


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