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Holochain (HOT) has had an eventful couple of weeks, as its price shot up by a huge margin.  This has profited many investors who got into Holochain several months ago. But over and above this profitable moment, Holochain is a perfect sneak peek into the future of the crypto markets.

The crypto top 100 will look very different in the near future as the real useful coins rise to the top. As such, for an investor looking to get into crypto, the best thing to do is to research each crypto individually. That’s because a good portion of the coins at the top got there in the 2017 hype, and will drop out. Subsequently, more good coins like Holochain (HOT) will rise. So what are the metrics of a good coin, worth investing in, for the long-haul?

The first one should be the potential for adoption. There are lots of projects in the market today don’t have any real use case in the market.  Many of them have been riding the bitcoin wave, and overestimate their potential for growth and adoption. The best coins are those with a strong use case and have demonstrated the same in practice. Unlike in 2017 when the only benchmark for a coin to rise was a fancy whitepaper, the next Bull Run will mostly be driven by coins that have a real use, one that can be demonstrated in practice.

The second metric for determining how good a crypto is, is its ability to work effectively at scale. That’s because the biggest hindrance to the adoption of cryptos is scalability. As such, the biggest gainers in the future will be those that can scale well, or have a clear roadmap in place on how to achieve scalability. Without scalability, it would be impossible for a coin to gain the adoption necessary for it to soar in value. A project like Holochain has perfectly solved the problem of scalability, and on this basis, could see a huge jump in value in the long-haul.

Other cryptos that meet the above criteria will most likely push up in value in the long-run, and will continue to surprise investors.  The top 100 and even the top 10 will be very different in coming months. A coin like Dogecoin (DOGE) is now in the top 20, something that was unexpected a few months ago. More of these coins will rise, and it will be a huge profitable opportunity for smart money. Holochain (HOT) with its superior technical capabilities is another coin that is headed into the top 20. The fact that it is catching the attention of tech brands like Mozilla is a sign that something great lie ahead for Holochain (HOT).


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