IOTA (MIOTA) is without a doubt a high potential crypto project. It has proven itself in the market, with partnerships with top companies in the automobile industry. But IOTA has a far bigger use case than just machine-to-machine communication. It could also take over the finance industry, specifically the options market. The options market is a multi-trillion market, one that is primed for disruption by smart contracts, and IOTA will at the fore front.

It will be at the forefront because through project Qubic, IOTA (MIOTA) makes it possible to develop smart contracts that are infinitely scalable, and do so in a feeless environment. This gives IOTA an edge over other smart contract platforms such as Ethereum.  But its feeless and scalable nature doesn’t just give it an edge over other blockchain platforms, but also over banks in the options market.  The options market is dominated by big banks, and it’s a huge source of revenue for them.  As such, for it to get decentralized, and it will get decentralized, it will have to be taken over by a crypto platform that can take on the banking industry and win.

Under current crypto dynamics, IOTA (MIOTA) is the project that can best achieve this. That’s because through feeless smart contracts for the options market, IOTA stands a very good chance of removing middlemen in the options market, and make it extremely efficient.  This is the one market that could unlock the true value of IOTA (MIOTA). It could effectively put IOTA (MIOTA) at the center of one of the most profitable aspects of banking, and drive up the value of IOTA (MIOTA) significantly.

As a matter of fact, with Qubic, IOTA (MIOTA) could disrupt every industry. When combined with its potential in the multi-trillion dollar IoT market, it becomes clear that IOTA is headed to the top of the crypto market. Nowadays there are loads of speculation about the possible future valuations of different coins. Out of these IOTA (MIOTA) is one of the few that have a realistic chance of hitting a trillion dollar market cap, based on its potential use-cases. It has already won the IoT market going by its high profile partnerships including the mobility industry

In essence, IOTA (MIOTA) is one of the few cryptos that is highly underpriced at current prices. Its potential future growth to a trillion dollar market cap has a realistic basis to it. It has everything it takes to outcompete existing systems, and change the world as we know it. If it achieves such a high market cap, anyone invested in it, at current prices will be in a totally different position financially.


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