The increased number of digital currencies in the crypto verse has seen a lot of technological and hype competition. Lisk (LSK) has chosen the technology growth path and avoided hype that has short term price surges. The technological development behind the coin has kept the value of LSK stable and steadily growing.

Lisk has been focusing on development for the future and the results are starting to trickle in after the launch on their MainNet end of August. The less hyped upgrade saw the coin price spike to over 30%. The coin is raked 23 by market cap and set to cross over to the top 20 most valuable coins in the market soon.

What is Lisk (LSK) Doing Right?

The Lisk price consistency in the market has been getting a lot of support from the development team and the community backing it up by making LSK a utility coin. However, its popularity has been strengthened by the dApp function of the ecosystem. Developers have access to JavaScript function for dApp creation and this makes the outfit a darling for many.

From the onset, Lisk scalability has always distinguished it from other dApp hubs like Ethereum and has been able to satisfy the developer needs since its launch in 2016. The platform has taken its scalability to the next level by using side chains to enable developers manage their projects on the sides keeping the core system healthy and uncongested.

Lisk also scores a first in adoption; the integration of SDK function makes the infrastructure self-serving for anyone with zero dApp development knowledge to build their applications. You do not have to learn a new language to participate on the platform. This is how the coin price and popularity has remained steady despite increased competition the dApp arena.

Lisk (LSK) Growing Global Visibility

Lisk (LSK) has been ranked among the best blockchains in terms of real life applicability alongside Stellar Lumens (XLM) and has beaten Bitcoin (BTC) by far. According to China Software Testing Center (CSTC) and the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID). Lisk has a better value proposition and its applicability keeps to the basic blockchain vision.

Other outfits ranked higher than Bitcoin include Steem, Komodo, GXChain, Nebulas and NEO. The ranking has been a huge boost for Lisk and its technology is what makes the outfit popular among dApp developers. However, Bitcoin emerged the best in terms of innovation, an area Lisk need to concentrate on to hit the top 10 best coins in the market going forward.

The ranking has seen the List team take to the Medium blog and admit that:

“Here at LiskHQ, we’re buckled down and working hard in preparation for the upcoming Lisk 1.0.0 migration on MainNet on August 29. All of the components of the Lisk ecosystem — Lisk Core, Lisk Elements, Lisk Commander and Lisk Hub — are all being updated and aligned with one another for the big migration. In addition to this, the Lisk Core team is also working on future releases.”

LISK (LSK) Price Outlook

The crypto verse hype of end of 2017 brought many coins into the limelight and Lisk was among the coins that reaped from the fad. Since then, the ecosystem has concentrated on infrastructure development to reach the current ranking. However, it has not been rosy for the platform with the price dropping from a high of $38.40 in January to a low of $2.60 in August.

The beginning of September has seen LSK overcome the bears and the current LISK (LSK) price surge is set to hold as the market heads to the close of 2018. At the time of reporting, Lisk coin price stands at $3.64 after 24-our gains of 6.03%. In the markets, LSK/BTC pairings are the most popular with CoinEgg pushing 19.62% of the total volumes.


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