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Verge (XVG): The privacy coin is still one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world. This current bearish run of the market has been ruthless for most of the altcoins. Top coins including BTC, ETH, ADA, TRX and many other big coins have dropped significantly. Due to some reasons the market is down and the core reason has been the Goldman Sachs group turning it’s back on trading plans with BTC.

Verge (XVG) is also a victim of this current bearish behavior of market. But it also has been one of the few coins who have retained it’s price, which has been around $0.012-$0.019 mark, which is a huge boost for XVG despite such a dip in market, where other big coins have dropped pretty much.

Currently, Verge has dropped up to 6% when compared with dollar in last 24 hours and it is trading at the price rate of $0.012 USD and around a market cap of about $183,475,950 USD. When compared with BTC it has decreased up to 5% and is trading at 0.0000019 BTC in past 24 hours. In the last one hour XVG has gained some percentage about 0.87% (at the time of writing). When we compare the ratio between BTC and XVG, we see an incline in the graph in last 24 hours, where 1 BTC = 518318.97 XVG.

When will this bearish run end? When will the market come back on track? Certainly, we don’t know when, but we know as soon as Bitcoin (BTC) settles the market will start to recover. Let’s face the fact that so far no coin has been able to challenge the bearish attitude of market other than Dogecoin (DOGE). Dogecoin has been the only coin which has come across this dreadful situation of market and has been the top coin in circumstances. But XVG has also been neither that badly affected nor have surged, which is a kind of positive for XVG to take ahead.

Verge (XVG) is preparing itself for a bullish run, which might come soon. Verge is coming up with some big developments ahead, of which one of them is the rebasing of Verge into Bitcoin core version 0.13. In result that means that Verge will be on the latest Bitcoin Core base code with all the latest features of Bitcoin Core. Other developments include iOS wallet and the desktop wallet, these verge wallet update indicates that this will enhance the user experience while handling their funds going forward. So Verge (XVG) plans to innovate technology and it heading towards 2019 with some big programs.

One thing Verge (XVG) has to keep in mind is that they have to take the investors on the same page with them unlike in the past when they had a controversial partnership with pornhub. I hope XVG would have learned a lot from the consequences of that controversial deal. As we are few months away from the new year, and new year will bring new things for XVG, new investors, new deals, new developments and new changes.

So far, as the team Verge (XVG) has been working, we for sure can hope big news in future and Verge can surprise everyone. XVG will target to surpass their all-time high price of $0.261874 USD. We will have to wait and watch how the market in the days to come will go, if we see surge in the market just like earlier in 2018 then XVG has a good chance to hit up to $10 or maybe way more. Investors need to stay tuned to the market updates and latest developments of XVG as the new year is not far away.


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