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The recent past has seen Nano (NANO) price conform to the bearish market trends before defying the downtrend magnetic pull to hit the gains zone. This time, it appears to be ripe enough to wither the storm. After peaking in mid-July the coin has been on a rollercoaster until mid-August when the current momentum stated to take shape in the charts.

Shaping Nano (NANO) future begun on September1 after the end of month network update that saw the entry of v15.2 node, an upgrade to Vote of Hash. The system upgrade however did not yield the desired voting results making it necessary to employ the PR31141 fix resulting additional software upgrade to v16.0. This is the version that is undergoing tests and this could be the game changer in the platforms optimization.

Nano (NANO) Increased Investor Interest

The project team confirmed their Paytomat.com integration and this has seen increased interest and activity on the platform. This is a point of sale solution provider firm that will see more retailers and merchants on-boarding and using NANO as the official payment method by using QR codes to process transactions.

The partnership makes it possible for retailers to use the system and accept payments through integrating the point of sale system to their businesses. This has proved very popular among restaurants, dispensing chemists and dental service providers.

Nano usability has become very popular in Venezuela and is also gaining popularity across the Bitcoin Superstores across the globe. NANO listing on the Coinbane exchange in Singapore has boosted its liquidity levels and users are confident it will make positive impact on their daily lives whilst pushing its price north.

Nano (NANO) Cash Back Support

Nano (NANO) and Coinbates will not only add more liquidity to the coin but also introduce a cash back service in the cryptocurrency market. However, Nano usability will increase since you can now purchase goods from Coinbates affiliate outlets using NANO. Coinbates partner outlets include but not limited to DKNY, CK, Microsoft, Mercy’s and Lenovo.

The Nano investor community confidence appears to be ebbing back after the BitBrail attack. A recovery during a time when the market is bleeding is a clear indication that the coin is becoming a big contender in the market. Should the market leader’s performance improve, Nano is set be among the biggest gainers.

NANO is the Most Used Coin in the Market in Recent Days

The integration of the Paytomat system and Bitcoin Superstore to include NANO as a payment method has seen the route to market opportunities increase and as the recent update shows, NANO usage has been on the rise and Bitcoin superstore seems to be in the lead among the many outlets:

“The “Most Used” cryptocurrency at http://bitcoinsuperstore.us over the past 10 days was #Bitcoin. Bitcoin made up 35% of all transactions, with the next “Most Used” being #Nano at 20%, #Tron at 17%, & #Litecoin at 8% of all transactions.”

This is a good move for Nano as it strives to increase mass adoption and become a global brand and a household name. The current visibility appears to be the catalyst that is pushing the NANO price to the double digit trading zone.

At the time of reporting Nano (NANO) gains are pointing towards reaching the $3 market before the end of Q$. The coin was quoting at $2.24 after a good run against the dollar that has seen it gain 35.05% in the last 24-hour trading session.


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