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Crypto coins are in the pursuit for relevance amongst their peer competitors and in the real world. This is the reason many crypto projects are constantly searching for new partnerships or adoption in major coin exchanges. Cardano (ADA), the 10th altcoin in market cap had announced a partnership with Metaps Plus, a big South Korean mobile platform back in Q2.

At that time, the ADA cryptocurrency was 3 positions up its current position today, it is clear it was among top losers during the crypto market bloodbath. However, things will probably be bullish for Cardano as its competitor Ethereum is performing worse. When Cardano collaborated with Metaps Plus a few months back, the two together with the famous ‘EMURGO’ agreed to work towards integration.

Metaps Plus & ADA Integration Progress

Ken Kodama, CEO of EMURGO was the one who broke the news that ADA was a good & feasible fit for integration, sentiments that were also shared by Metaps Plus CEO, Seungyeon Kim. The Metaps Plus platform is popular in South Korea with an active membership transacting millions offline via mobile platforms.

Cardano’s strategic partner, Metap Plus is a potential market maker for the ADA token given that its mobile application is linked to over 1 billion downloaded apps. This has been made possible via a marketing application portal in addition to the over 10 million transactions within the 40,000 stores accepting offline payments form the Metaps Plus network. As it stands, the ADA token is very prospectus once the integration with Metaps Plus is live.

Well, the Cardano community can finally have something to look forward to after a tweet by EMURGO revealed that the integration is set to go live before the end of 2018.

ADA integration on Metaps Plus platform will go live. The integration is work in progress and will go live in November. Thank you for waiting.

EMURGO has remained a market force in driving adoption for blockchain entities like Cardano & Metaps Plus. With designs like Cardano’s PoS and its scalability aspects, EMURGO is creating a link between businesses that want to build on such blockchain platforms to improve their efficiency.

Cardano (ADA) is already on its way to the destination of digital assets in this era although a big part of the world’s population is still lacking on blockchain and crypto knowledge. Chairman of the Cardano foundation, Michael Parsons was quite bullish on this milestone back in May 2018,

 “It is great that Ada will be able to be used for everyday purchases in South Korea, a country where there is a passionate Cardano and cryptocurrency community. I hope that this development will encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency even further.”

ADA Market Overview

The ADA crypto coin has formed its support level at $0.06 although this might soon be broken with its ongoing bearish hourly candlestick. On the upper hand, the crypto coin has broken the resistance level of $0.0680 according to the Bittrex hourly USD/ADA price action. Its probability to increase to the $0.08 mark in the near future is quite high given the Metaps Plus integration and Q4 bullish effect!

Earlier in the week, Cardano (ADA) price was trading for as high as $0.097 but has since lost a significant value. Initially, the support levels had been established at $0.075 but the ADA’s 15% 7- Day volatility pulled the altcoins more downwards than upwards. However, after the coin dropped significantly to hit the $0.06 mark, market bulls started pushing the coin back as more buyers purchased ADA speculating a reversal.


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