Even as the market remains sluggish, cryptos with a strong use case continue to thrive. One such crypto is Digibyte (DGB), whose adoption is gaining traction by the day. A Thailand based platform is now offering document signing services using Digibyte (DGB)’s Digusign.  As per their website, they are enabling users sign all kinds of documents, without all the costs and complexities that come with traditional online verification documents.

This is a big deal and goes to show that the value of Digibyte as a useful blockchain for everyday services is actually emerging.  This comes fast in the heels of another great adoption for Digibyte (DGB) in online identity verification. Just recently, Antum, a European digital identity company, started using Digi-ID in protecting user identity on the internet.

These use cases are a welcome validation for Digibyte (DGB) in a market where talk of most altcoins withering from the market is rife.  At this point, it is quite clear that even in a market-wide cleanup where a good chunk of the altcoins disappear, Digibyte (DGB) will survive. It will not survive simply because of the two companies mentioned above, but rather because the aforementioned use-cases are just a precursor to the disruption that Digibyte (DGB) is about to bring to the markets.

Most of Digibyte (DGB)’s use-cases are in perfect confluence with most of the problems facing the world today. Take Digi-Sign for example. The world is moving more towards paperless contracts, but as the complexity and scope of these contracts increases, there is need for an immutable way of maintaining the sanctity and legality. Take real estate transactions for example.   Real estate contracts are paper intensive because of the huge amounts of money involved and the need to hold up in a court of law.

There is a real use-case for Digusign in this market. That’s because it can be used to create an immutable contract that can stand in a court of law, while at the same time simplifying the process. But real estate is just one of the many industries where Digusign could transform how contracts are written, and bring efficiency. As this use case takes shape, the value of Digibyte (DGB) will rise too.

Then there is the issue of identity theft online.  As the issue of identity theft becomes more sophisticated, there is need for a more foolproof way for people to verify their identity on the internet. Digi-ID is the perfect solution to this problem.  With Digi-ID, it is possible for an individual to have an unchangeable and verifiable identity online. This could gain wide adoption in banking, social media and other that industries where an immutable digital identity is necessary.

With such a strong use case, Digibyte (DGB) is one of the few blockchains that could see significant gains, as depth not hype becomes the measure of value in crypto space. 5 years from now, this space could be dominated by under 30 projects and you can be sure that Digibyte (DGB) will be one of them. Its use case goes beyond the hype that characterizes the market today.


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