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Tezos (XTZ) was initially released few months back in June. XTZ first MainNet is set to launch today (17th Sep 2018). Tezos has made a major impact in the market since it’s release, XTZ came in such a time when market situation was not good enough, especially for a new coin to debut but XTZ has made it’s mark in crypto world as it stands on 16th spot on coins ranking. Tezos (XTZ) foundation tweeted:Tezos tweet

Tezos (XTZ) is set to launch it’s first MainNet program today. After XTZ official launch in June, tezos is valued just above $1 billion. This beta version has been upgraded, which means that XTZ will be fully operational and will be operated by it’s users. After the news of it’s launch, the price in market skyrocketed moving up to 30%.

In 2017 initial coin offering (ICO) raised $232 million, this is the largest offering recorded up-till know. This huge raise of funds was questioned by many and it became very controversial after its announcement. However, tezos did not had a big impact of this controversy and rather then getting into this issue XTZ looked forward to it’s new developments, which paid them off and know they are few moments away from a big achievement. The Tezos Foundation has worked hard to complete it’s MainNet, a much complete version than the older one.

The Tezos protocol provides it’s users with the opportunity to govern the protocol by the users themselves, which makes it the world’s first ‘self-amending’ cryptocurrency . The Tezos blockchain provides formal verification, that makes it a secure smart contract system and this prevents buggy code. XTZ works in the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, this allows it’s users to participate in the transactions validity.

This MainNet launch will set a new platform for XTZ, which will show where does the coin stands in the market (tezos growth in market) because know tezos are introducing a better and upgraded version of XTZ. If the launch go’s well and it shows an increase in the volume of XTZ then definitely this will be much big achievement for tezos. This launch will basically strength the roots of the coin and will impact heavily in the future developments of XTZ. So far as it looks, Tezos is becoming a big fish in cryptocurrency.

As the announcement of MainNet went viral, the price of Tezos (XTZ) increased from $1.28 to $1.67, moving up to 30%. In the last 24 hours, XTZ is trading at a price of $1.6 USD and comparing against BTC, it is trading at 0.00025 BTC (at the time of writing). It has a market capitalization of almost about $1 billion. The main thing to look at is the volume of XTZ, if the volume of tezos significantly increases after the launch then price of XTZ can touch up to $2 or more depending upon the circumstances of market.

If this happens then XTZ definitely is the coin to look forward in future. It may surprise many coins if the market heads toward a bullish run, which doesn’t seem far away and XTZ can head towards the top 10 coins just because it’s new, and has a strong blockchain idea of ‘self-amending’ cryptocurrency. That is what an investor wants in a blockchain tech, a secure and self amending cryptocurrency.


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