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A lot has been happening on the TRON (TRX) network and the just concluded coin burn is a culmination of the coins heap of activities since the beginning of the year. TRON has been trending in the media of late and its achievements could start bearing fruits soon that expected.

On September 13, TRON burned $4.9billion worth of ERC20 tokens after confirming that the MainNet is optimally functioning. This is part of the projects plans to gains its autonomy from the Ethereum ecosystem. The platform is now in control of its assets and the burn means there is no confusion between the ERC20 tokens and the new TRX coins.

The media has always been friendly to TRON and part of the coins’ growth has been associated with its strong online presence. Recently, rumors have spread that Alibaba collaboration could be the next big thing for the coin. However, Alibaba has refuted the claims but with the crypto verse; it is just a wait and see game in the coming months.

TRON (TRX) Alibaba (NTSE:BABA) Collaboration Possible

TRON attention has been on the rise and prospects of mega partnerships are on the rise. Well if it is true that TRON is headed to partner with Alibaba, one of the leading e-commerce sites in the world, the TRX value might end up hitting the $5 mark. TRON entry in to online shopping could become the biggest breakthrough and this could usher in adoption influx.

TRON has what it takes to match the online retail giant demand and its transactions speeds are among the best in the market. With rising usability of TRX, the collaboration could mean three things; additional onboarding, value growth and price surge. However, the TRON community will have to wait and see how the anticipated deal plays.

Alibaba and TRON in the Chinese Market

Alibaba has been growing in popularity not only in China but across the globe. The introduction of AliPay payment system has seen its market penetration increase. More and more merchants are using the platform to compete for the global economy’s attention. The platform offers a wide range of products that are affordable to the ordinary online shopper

Bringing the TRON technology onboard will translate into faster and cheaper transactions that will translate into a better user experience with significantly reduced transaction prices compared to using credit cards and escrow services.

TRON (TRX) Adding More Staff to Cope with the Anticipated Growth

In preparation to its expansion, TRON has been growing its team in a move seen by many as a strategic preparation to usher in the giant online shopping mall to their partners’ portfolio.  Already, the platform boasts of over 150 employees and this number keeps growing to cope with the increased TRX demand. This number is set to hit 400 staff members based in their Beijing head office.

If the recruitment drive is anything to write home about, the partnership will see TRON as the biggest beneficiary in terms of visibility and value growth. The ecosystem has the capacity to handle Alibaba transactions demands and deliver optimally to the ever demanding consumers.

TRON (TRX) Price Overview

All the partnership has not been inked; the relationship between TRON’s Justin Sun and Jack Ma of Alibaba goes back to a time when Sun was Ma’s best student. With the rumors already rife, the TRON’s TRX price has been holding steadily. This might not been linked to the Alibaba deal but a lot has been achieved on the platform lately and could be the reason of the positive performance.

At press time, TRX price stood at $0.019888 after marginal gains to the green buck of 1.76% and in the event that the deal sails through, TRX dream of hitting the $5 mark in the near future could become real. The TRON ardent community is just keeping their fingers crossed hoping the deal will spur the coins growth.


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