Dash (DASH)

Dash coin (DASH) has been one of the top emerging cryptocurrencies. Dash has partnered FuzeX which will allow customers an easy way of using money for their daily application. This will enhance the use of Dash coin through the dash credit card. This debit card will be launching soon. FuzeX network looks for such currencies like dash which can help them grow their ecosystem.

Dash (DASH)

How Does Dash Offer Instant & Private Payments? Dash has a very good payment system, which offers instant and private payments. The decision makers which are also known as the master nodes, master nodes are bestowed with authority to make network wide decisions which is primarily because they each must prove the ownership of a thousand dash. Master nodes are the most incentivized to make good decisions from which the coin gets profit.

How do the master nodes make decisions? How do they come to consensus that what will be done on the network? They casts votes that are recorded directly onto the DASH blockchain, and that’s how network wide decisions are made. In exchange for voting rights, master nodes perform three basic tasks.

Firstly, they keep an updated copy of the blockchain all the time. Secondly, they provide the network with instant send functionality and last but not the least, they also provide the network with private send functionality. Instant send and private send are two functionalities which set Dash (DASH) apart from every other blockchain. In Instant send a smaller quorum of master nodes provide you with an irreversible confirmation in 1.3 seconds. Know that is what Dash provides to it’s customer with a fast instant money transaction system without any danger of getting it lost with the help of private send function.

This is what FuzeX wants in a digital ledger and DASH is there to help them out. CEO of FuzeX project Jae-Hun Bae stated that their aim is to enhance FuzeX ecosystem by adopting various cryptocurrenices, especially those which have more uniform usability as currency. FuzeX has provided their users with a whole lot of benefits partnering with Dash (DASH).

FuzeX partners Dash (DASH) 

This partnership will bring a lot of benefits to both Dash and FuzeX, as FuzeX users will have a wider option of using the credit card in daily life applications, on the other side Dash will increase it’s mass adoption. It is all set to launch later in Q4 of 2018.

FuzeX signed an agreement with Dash to officially release a new Dash card. This partnership will bring opportunity for those people to take advantage from Dash, who haven’t used cryptocurrency or don’t have any know how about the cryptocurrency. This partnership will bring the basic use of Dash coin to doorsteps, allowing it’s users to spend their dash digital cash at numerous merchants. The dash card is same like the normal credit cards but it has one more aspect i.e a small digital epaper screen which presents balances and allows to swap between up to 30 credit debit reward and cryptocurrency accounts.

FuzeX has also made a mobile app which will allow it’s users to check and do transactions at different accounts. Bradley Astro, one of the members of Dash (DASH) core group said that the partnership will add to network by expanding it to different places where dash can easily be spent. Bradley also expressed the consumers would be able to get dash and spend it in a peaceful way just like the point-of-scale purchases with a normal credit card.

Dash (DASH) future on FuzeX partnership!

This is the most fundamental partnership so far by Dash. This partnership will bring Dash (DASH) to a whole new level. Most of the world uses credit card, but this credit card system is still not secure enough, it can be hacked easily but when a blockchain based credit card will be used, it will be much secure. This partnership will grow the follower-ship of Dash coin around the globe. As technology is innovating day by day, digital currencies are one of the big innovations in today’s world and digital currencies have revolutionized the concept of fiat currency. Dash is one of them, coming up with the idea of digital currency credit card and becoming the next paypal of cryptocurrency.

Dash is very user-friendly coin and is low cost, so it can be adopted by everyone. As the coin is ranking on the 11th spot, soon it will be in top 10 coins as it’s users are growing daily. If Dash keeps on making such user-friendly deals, without a doubt Dash (DASH) will be most adopted coin in time to come.


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