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Digibyte (DGB) is now available on ChangeNow, an android app that makes it easy to buy crypto assets through the phone.  It was also added to SimpleSwap a few days ago. While these are not big exchanges, nor do they give the headlines that an exchange like Coinbase would create, they are adding to the overall accessibility of Digibyte (DGB).  Accessibility will play a huge role to the long-term growth and adoption of Digibyte (DGB), and crypto in general. That’s because more accessibility means higher volumes, and by extension, higher demand.

For Digibyte (DGB), better accessibility is essential because its use case is growing, which means that its demand will also grow over time. For instance, its use case in online security is pretty much guaranteed at this point. Several businesses are now partnering with Digibyte for issues related to cyber security. It won’t it take long before demand for Digibyte security features soars and leads to a higher interest in Digibyte (DGB). As this demand increases, ease of access is what will play a role in drawing in more investors and hence create the upside pressure on price, that most investors who hold Digibyte (DGB) are hoping for.

On top of that, as Digibyte becomes more accessible through increased exchange listings, its other use cases will open up in other markets as well. For instance, Digibyte (DGB) has a very strong use case as a currency. That’s because it has low transaction costs, and some of the fastest transaction speeds in crypto. But this use case will only be truly realized if Digibyte (DGB) is easily accessible in the market. For instance, through a platform like ChangeNow, it’s easy for someone to use Digibyte (DGB) in sending value on the internet.  These are the platforms that will open up the use case of Digibyte (DGB) as a crypto that can be used as a currency, and push up its value.

In essence, the growing number of exchange listings for DGB is a positive thing for its growth in the long-run. It doesn’t even need the big exchanges like Binance. All it needs is a consistent growth in the small ones, especially those that make it easily accessible via fiat. More fiat pairings means that in the long-run, Digibyte (DGB) could escape the chokehold that BTC has on the crypto market. It would be valued on its own fundamentals, and this could push up its price significantly. It would push up its price because Digibyte’s use case is quite huge relative to its current market value. This is a crypto that has the potential to offer security for industries as lucrative as IoT.

The IoT market is expected to be worth upwards of $10 trillion in the next 10 years. Digibyte (DGB) stands to be the security behind this fast emerging industry, and that gives it an intrinsic value that is way higher than its current market value. As such, as the groundwork for its adoption grows, Digibyte (DGB) stands out as one of the more viable investments in crypto.


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