Jack Ma, IOTA, VeChain

Jack Ma is the brain behind Alibaba, one of the largest tech companies in the world. He is also very passionate about DLTs, and AI so when he speaks about the future of blockchain, he sure has an idea of what he is talking about. Recently, he made a statement about the future of blockchain, something to the effect that the tech will be worthless if it does not transform manufacturing. Here is part of what he had to say about this tech.

“AI, Blockchain and IoT will be meaningless tech unless they can promote the transformation of the manufacturing industry, and the evolution of the society towards a greener and more inclusive direction.”

Going by this statement, it comes across as a validation for IOTA (MIOTA) and Vechain (VET), two cryptos that stand to lead an industrial revolution that is driven by the automation of manufacturing processes. IOTA (MIOTA) is already making moves that will lead to a revolution in manufacturing thank to its partnerships with companies like Fujitsu.

These are partnerships that will lead to a revolution in manufacturing in the sense that they will ultimately lead to the automation of most manufacturing processes. This will lead to an increase in efficiency, hence making manufacturing greener. Besides, thanks to partnerships with the mobility industry, IOTA (MIOTA) stands a chance to revolutionize the concept of car ownerships, and play a huge role in cutting on carbon emissions.  This is a big deal given that automobiles play a huge role in adding to the greenhouse effect.

Similarly, Vechain looks set to revolutionize manufacturing by making it more efficient. Vechain’s partnership with Chinese carmaker BYD is a perfect example of how this project could lead the push towards green manufacturing. Through this partnership with BYD, Vechain (VET), will create a carbon credits application for all BYD cars. Vechain will also transform manufacturing by strengthening intellectual property rights, hence giving manufacturers the capacity and competitiveness needed to transform their processes. That’s because through Vechain, it is possible to track a product all through the supply chain from the sourcing of raw materials to the sale of product to the final consumer. Vechain is simply how manufacturing will be done in the 2020s and beyond, and this will make it a highly valuable blockchain,

In essence, in an increasingly crowded crypto market, IOTA (MIOTA) and Vechain stand to emerge as some of the biggest winners. They are well positioned to re-engineer how manufacturing is done going into the future. The best part is that even with their huge potential, these two projects are trading at massive discounts relative to their all-time highs. This makes them high potential assets for investors willing to hold until their potential is fully revealed in the global manufacturing industry. As this use case unravels, these two cryptos will be trading in the double digits, when every aspect of manufacturing will be tied to them in one way or the other.


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