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Dogecoin is integrating new updates to its network with the Bootstrap.dat torrent that will allow faster sync speeds on the platform while data can be accessed instantly from the Dogecoin Core system.

The Dogecoin (DOGE) was started via Reddit as a joke coin but has grown considerably to rank among the top 10 digital assets by market capitalization. The Doge community is very vibrant and supportive and its contributions have played a major role in the growth of this platform. A Dogecoin community member has just contributed a Bootstrap.dat Torrent for the coin through the Reddit forum. The new update introduces a linearized bootstrap.dat that is likely to be faster than the non-linearized version that has been in use on the platform.

The role of the bootstrap.dat file on Dogecoin Core

Seeding the new update on the platform would be a time consuming task due to the huge amount of data that needs to be validated. The community members have however come out and shared the role with enthusiasts employing the computing resources at their disposal to fasten the process. The torrent file to be seeded is available on Google drive and can be downloaded and synced easily by following the guidelines below.

First, the bootstrap.dat file contains all blocks up to a certain point and can be quickly read from the Dogecoin Core client for faster sync speeds.  To seed, participants are required to first open the file using a BitTorrent client. One should ensure that the Dogecoin core is shut down and once the file is downloaded, it should be put in the data directory of the Dogecoin core client.

This is the “%APPDATA%\Dogecoin” directory on Windows, “.dogecoin” in the home directory for Linux and “:/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/DogeCoin/” for OS X operating systems.

 Benefits of the new Dogecoin Core bootstrap.dat

Once the above steps have been completed, the Dogecoin core can be restarted and the seeding begins. The process is likely to take a few hours due to the amount of data that needs validation. Participants are advised to leave their torrent client open after completing the download in order to continuously upload bits of the bootstrap.dat. To ensure security of the platform while seeding, the bootstrap.dat file undergoes the same validation as is done for the blocks downloaded from the network. This ensures that even if the file was tempered with, the client would reject the tempered chain and download from the network instead.

Since morning (0400 hours, September 20th) when the link to the bootstrap.dat file was made available, members have come out to facilitate the seeding process. Both users with relatively “low” upload speeds (40mbps) and those with higher speeds of up to 10gbps are participating in the process. More continue to join the process as the day moves along. High levels of community support is one of the factors that differentiates Dogecoin from other cryptocurrency platforms in the market and is likely to keep the coin strong and grow its value making it a desirable option for those looking to get into this space.


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