Today the IOTA team has released the trinity desktop wallet 0.3.4. This wallet has a number of improvements that will make it easier and safer to store IOTA.  One of the updates is the introduction of a trigger for 2FA, once the necessary code string length is reached. This will go a long way in improving its security. The new wallet also introduces some fixes to the wallet. For instance, with this wallet, transactions will reattach only if they fall below maximum depth.  The IOTA team is also still alpha testing the storage of IOTA (MIOTA) NANO S. Once this happens, it will be possible for people to hold IOTA (MIOTA) for the long-term, without having to worry about the security of this funds.

The trinity wallet pretty much kills most of the FUD that is commonly thrown IOTA’s way about the possible loss of coins This will draw in both long-term retail holders, and institutional players looking to hold a piece of IOTA with a long-term view. It’s only a few months ago that a billion dollar fund skipped on IOTA simply because of its storage features. This goes to show that there is incentive for institutional money to flow into IOTA (MIOTA) provided its storage issues are fully sorted out, as is happening now.

The incentive comes from the fact that IOTA’ use case is anchored on a futuristic industry, whose reality is beginning to take shape. IOTA is focused on machine-to-machine communication, and at this point, it is clear to all that, IoT will be big in the future. One key pointer to this is the increased adoption of 5G networks by telecoms all across the world. Most major telecoms in the developed world will be laying the infrastructure for 5G networks in 2019.

This is the infrastructure that will make it possible for machine-to-machine communication to happen effectively. Once this infrastructure is in place, most companies that are looking to automation as a tool for gaining cost-efficiency will shift to DLTs. Since IOTA (MIOTA) is at the forefront of this market, it stands a good chance to draw in institutional players looking to have strategic interests in this industry, with a target of the next 5 to 10 years.

What also makes IOTA (MIOTA) attractive as it perfects storage is the fact that it is aligned with the goals of global policy makers, especially with regards to environmental sustainability. The future is in smart production, and sustainable urban living. These are goals that align perfectly with the technological capabilities of IOTA (MIOTA).

That’s because IOTA (MIOTA) plays well into the development of smart cities, autonomous and interconnected smart mobility as well as in the development of smart factories.  This makes the potential for adoption of IOTA (MIOTA) pretty much guaranteed in key industries that will transform the world as we know it going into the 2020s. In essence, the perfection of IOTA’s wallet takes it a step closer towards exponential value growth, that will be driven by institutional money.


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