Florian DoeblerYesterday, the IOTA (MIOTA) team announced that has joined the IOTA foundation as their social impact and donor relations coordinator, and will be stationed at the IOTA headquarters in Berlin. What’s interesting is that Florian is not coming in to add to the developer pool of the foundation, but rather to bring new skills on aligning IOTA with the socio-economic aspects of the global economy.  He is an expert on how cultures and governance systems intersect with innovation. These are skills that could play a huge role in aligning IOTA with societal needs, to unlock the true value of IOTA (MIOTA).

The decision by IOTA (MIOTA) to create a multi-disciplinary team will have a huge impact on the future growth potential of this project. That’s because, IOTA is a technology that pretty much touches on all aspects of 21st century life. As such there is more to it than just the technical aspects of the project. For the project to maximize its utility in society, it needs experts in other fields, as well, people who can guide the developers in the right direction. For instance, IOTA has a strong use-case in the development of smart cities, as has been seen in its collaboration with Taipei, in the Taipei smart city project.

However, for such projects to gain momentum all across the world, IOTA (MIOTA) needs to work more with governance experts, environmental experts among others. Such experts would go a long way in providing strategic direction in IOTA development, and in influencing governments to understand the massive social gains they can make from using IOTA in creating smart and sustainable living spaces. This cuts across all industries where IOTA (MIOTA) stands to have a huge impact, including in the mobility industry.

In essence, IOTA’s moves to loop in experts from different disciplines is a sign of its forward thinking nature. It adds to the relative momentum of IOTA (MIOTA) exponentially growing in value, as it continues to gain in adoption in different industries. IOTA has already made some major in-roads in the mobility industry, a critical industry in the development of a sustainable global economy going into the future. Through IOTA, it will possible for vehicles to act as data collection tools, data that can be used by cities in creating eco-friendly city management systems. The same goes for all other industries.

With such great prospects, and a growing use case, IOTA (MIOTA) is one of the cryptos that could easily outdo its all-time highs in the near future, especially now that bullish momentum is returning to the markets. Today, IOTA (MIOTA) is back above $0.60 and could be headed higher. That’s because, in the day it has retraced back to the 21-day moving average, a level at which it is consolidating. If it rebounds from this point, it could touch $0.82 in the day. That’s the next key resistance level on the 100-day moving average. A gain beyond this level could see it test the $1 in the next 24-hours.IOTA


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