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XRP (XRP) is rising as the new face of cryptocurrency. Ripple has a clear aim to make sure that the transfer of money around the globe is frictionless. XRPs recent surge has proved that it is the most wanted and trusted way to move money anywhere in the world. Investors have shown serious interest, and has applauded the features of XRPs blockchain technology. The best thing about XRP is that it provides access, certainty, speed and savings to it’s customers, just like the modern day Internet. XRP is set to be the next big platform of digital currency, it will be called as the ‘Amazon’ of crypto network.

Why Ripple (XRP) will have a ‘Mark Cuban moment’ and become next ‘Amazon’?

Mark Cuban back in 90’s was the owner of Broadcast.com, a live broadcasting radio and T.V channel which broadcasted different sports and fashion shows. In 1999, Yahoo bought broadcast.com from Cuban worth $5.7 billion dollars, Cuban became a billionaire with this deal. So just like that XRP will have a Mark Cuban moment.

On this Friday, XRP moved up to 100% in a day and it led XRP to surpass Ethereum (ETH) market cap on coins ranking at that time. This is a sign that XRP will become next bitcoin in time to come and unlike bitcoin, XRP is very low cost and that is why anyone can buy XRP ,even a taxi driver can buy it. XRP has one of the best blockchain technology which provides you with fast transactions and almost zero cost.

World population is more than 7 billion, almost 4 billion people are connected online with each other, world has come to this stage that cars are driving themselves and devices can communicate with each other anywhere but the global payment system is still stuck in the disco era. The payment system was introduced before the invention of Internet but internet has grown way more than the payment system.

But know the digital currencies are offering a unique way of transferring money around the world within seconds. XRP is one the platform to transfer money around the world through RippleNet. Why ripple is far ahead from other digital currencies and is becoming ‘Amazon’ of cryptocurrency? Because XRP has kept its basics strong and that’s why more than hundred banks are using Ripple (XRP). The CEO of Ripple (XRP) Brad Garlinghouse said that they are almost signing one bank a week. Famous banks and money transferring companies including, MUFG bank, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Santander, Money Gram, Standard Chatered and American Express, etc. are using Ripple (XRP) as a source of transactions. So unlike old days transactions have become fast, cheap, secure and saves the money of customers. Ripple provides these banks with fast blochchain tech xCurrent, but the new version of xCurrent will be launched soon which is called xRapid.

xRapid is a much faster version of xCurrent, it will complete a transaction in a blink of an eye. xRapid will have the following features:

  • uses a unique digital asset,
  • Will offer on-demand liquidity,
  • low cost,
  • enable real-time payment in emerging market and
  • built for enterprise use.

XRP with xRapid will offer banks and money transferring companies a highly scalable, efficient, reliable liquidity option to service cross border payments. So Ripple is changing the world just like the Internet changed the world in later 90’s and earlier 2000. Ripple is attacking a ‘Use Case’ for money transfers between payment companies using banks and if Ripple (XRP) is only 10% successful with that one ‘Use Case’ Ripple will be one of the largest companies of the world probably the largest company in the world beating Amazon.

Users can know accept XRP on youtube and Twitch through ‘Coil’. Coil is a company owned by former CTO of Ripple, which will allow viewers to donate XRP to their favorite channel. Users with the help of this platform can donate to Wikipedia and the Internet Archive, so content creators through of use Coil can be able to receive tips and pay users in XRP, Ripple is changing the world very fast.

Market Overview!

XRP has gained market capitalization up to $10 billion USD in last two to three days. Currently, it has a market cap of nearly $23 billion USD, current supply of 39,809,069,106  * and has a price of $0.57 USD (at the time of writing). The future of XRP (XRP) as an investment is brighter and after surpassing ETH last day shows that the trillion dollar financial services industry is slowly taking shape, making the crypto to hit the sky.


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