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The emergence of privacy coin in the crypto-sphere has been met with mixed reactions. Some users feel that they are better than convectional digital coins while other erroneously think they are cartels linking the dark web with the fiat economy where only bad deals are cut. Verge (XVG) and ZCash (ZEC) are two upcoming privacy coins that have different but unique features.

Verge and ZCash have different approaches in their route to market and value propositions. Both have diverse communities that believe in the uniqueness of the technology behind the coins and this has created a divergence in their price and market caps.

Verge and ZCash Routes to Market

Price has always been the first thing that the investors look for before staking up on any digital coins or tokens. Verge (XVG) is currently priced at $0.015301 while ZCash $123.30 which obviously mean first time investors will opt for XVG leading to mass adoption resulting from FoMo while the experienced and institutional investor will opt for ZEC for value.

Verse ease of accessibility globally means it more people can spend and give it a value boost. Its presence in the market means increased usability. ZCash on the other side has been restricted to institutional investors and who are looking for long term investment options. Verge has a circulating supply of 16.5billion XVG while ZCash has 4.8billion ZEC which give them the current market values.

Technologies behind Verge and ZCash

Verge and ZCash are presented as different entities but somehow compete in the market. Technological difference is the level of privacy. ZCash claims to offer “shielded transactions that hide the sender, recipient, and value on the blockchain” while Verge goes a step further to “use multiple anonymity-centric networks such as TOR and I2P. The IP addresses of the users are fully obfuscated and transactions are completely untraceable.”

The goal of the two platforms is simply to offer an additional financial privacy layer for their users. This is an area where Bitcoin appears to have failed and the two cryptos have sealed the gap.  ZCash prides itself a fungible, easy to build apps on and guarantees confidentiality. Verge on boasts part id community driven and deploys 12P and TOR to achieve top range obfuscation.

Verge and ZCash Real World Use Cases

Verge (XVG) current visibility in the market is based on its increasing real life use cases in the market. Verge is working with PundiX to offer point-of-sale solutions to the retail industry and more online stores are already accepting XVG as an alternative payments method to fiat. It is also emerging that Verge and TokenPay are collaborating to present a debit card to their growing audience as demand for digital coin spend-ability rises.

ZCash has remained as a privacy coin focused on high profile adoption and an ideal platform for sending and receiving money. It has not been associated with controversies like Verge whose security appears compromised with its recent 51% attack. ZCash stability has seen its value grow while its competition thrives of media hype.

Overall, ZCash has remained a true alternative coin to Bitcoin while Verge has diverted from Nakamoto vision. However, for investors, it is important to look at security of their funds and the future of each individual con before jumping in and staking. For speculating investors, Verge is the real deal while ZCash is the coin for long term investment.


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