Cardano (ADA) –Cardano foundation chairman under fire on twitter

Today, the Cardano foundation chairman, Mr. Michael Parsons is under fire on twitter. The criticism is with regards to his supposed low commitment to the project, and slow progress in growing the Cardano ecosystem.  Here is a series of tweets by Rick McCracken with regards to Michael Parsons, as the leader tasked with steering Cardano to growth.

But does the role of Parson’s really matter to the future growth of Cardano? Well, going by the mission of the Cardano foundation, his role is important to the overall growth of Cardano (ADA) in the short-term. That’s because the core mission of the Cardano foundation is to drive adoption, grow the Cardano community, and drive partnerships that add to the intrinsic value of this project.  Simply put, the role of the Cardano foundation is to publicize Cardano (ADA) and get people to know about it. In essence, the role of chairman in this foundation requires an outspoken individual, someone who can get people interested in this project, and look forward to invest in it.

Marketing is as critical as the technical aspects of a project. That’s because the project may be technically superior, but if people don’t know about it, then it won’t attract as much investors as other heavily hyped projects, even though they may not be as good as Cardano.

However, the long-term prospects of Cardano (ADA) are quite good, in spite of the lack of inspiration at the Cardano foundation.  That’s because the Cardano (ADA) developer team is meeting key milestones on the roadmap, to create one of the most versatile and practical blockchains in the market. For instance, Cardano has already created Ouroboros, the first scientifically reviewed proof-of-stake algorithm.

Ouroboros solves the energy problems of proof-of-work, is highly scalable, while at the same time retaining the security that comes with proof-of-work. This revolutionary advancement will see Cardano gain in adoption in different industries, where security and scalability are a necessity. As a matter of fact, scalability is the biggest challenge to the adoption of blockchain technology, and that puts Cardano in a unique position to gain in adoption going into the future.

Cardano (ADA) is also working on quantum resistance, and they are more than 50% through with it. This part of the roadmap will play a huge to role to the growth and adoption of Cardano. That’s because quantum resistance will be critical to the sustainability of blockchain technology in the long-haul, as quantum computers become a reality.  By incorporating quantum resistance, Cardano will retain its security features even as quantum computers threaten blockchain security, hence deepening its presence in the market.  These are just parts of the Cardano roadmap. They are working on many other things that will see the intrinsic value of this project grow over time.  In essence, with or without Parsons, Cardano is strong, and has a bright future ahead of it. Once its roadmap is complete, Cardano (ADA) will be one of the most valuable projects in crypto space.

Nick Mwenda :