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Ethereum Classic has been getting a lot of criticism in the crypto-sphere since it forked from Ethereum. The coin has been dormant until a few months ago when the ETC coin started to rise from the ashes. The project has started to define its products and investors are beginning to realize the hidden gem after realizing the problems being faces by older coins and more so, Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum Classic unveiling of a new look outfit that accommodates both ICO and dApps has become the crypto verse talk. The dev team has seen a lot of potential from Ethereum failures and is capitalizing on these existing gaps like immutability and scalability and lack of decentralization to build a global Ethereum Classic brand.

Ethereum Classic Offering a Better Deal

Many companies are looking for better outfits that they can set up ICOs with developers seeking for silkier dApp platforms. With the Issue of Ethereum not being fully decentralized ICO and dApp ventures have been controlled by the central force, a problem that Classic is solving y giving ICOs and dApps the freedom that comes with blockchain.

Secondly, Ethereum Classic capped supply ensures that inflation does not adversely affect those building on its ecosystem compared to Ethereum that has no fixed supply which exposes its partners to the crypto verse dreaded volatility. Resolving the inflation issue means additional investor confidence and increased adoption from the retail industry that holds the keys to crypto growth once merchants are cushioned from volatility.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) on the Move in the Market

Now that Ethereum is about to fully implement proof of stake, miners are headed to Ethereum Classic. This will increase its adoption with a system that is now compatible with many IoT systems. The defining of the coins products is a sure fire that will act as its catalysts to its growth. As a daily day to day utility coin, Ethereum is set to change many businesses and lives toward the 4th industrial revolution via the new technology.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are set to connect their communities with a crypto-bridge where users are set to benefit from paying in Bitcoin Cash and in return get ETC dividends according to hop13, a r/BTC  subreddit member:

 “I’ve been experimenting with Bitcoin and connecting it to Ethereum Classic (ETC), and have created a cross chain system in which you can donate with Bitcoin and receive an ERC-20 token that pays dividends based on other transactions in the network.”

This simply means you will have the ability to transact two coins on a single network, thanks to ETC Saturn Wallet. To spur demand for the service, the member suggested a reward system that will entice users to onboard the facility. This reward system has worked wonders with credit cards and can be a game changer in the crypto-sphere and added that:

“This token, P3C, is completely redeemable for real ETC on our website, or you can choose to hold it and earn dividends. Every time P3C is bought, sold, or transferred on the network 10% goes to all token holders.”

Unimpressive Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price

Ethereum Classic (ETC) price has been hovering above the $10 territory and appears to be balancing gains and loses with equal measures. The last 24 hour trading session has seen ETC change hands at $11.64 after gaining 2.28% to the green buck and 1.53% to Bitcoin. This could be a short term spike in anticipation for a major breakout given the behind-the-scenes activities by the dev team.

The increased awareness of the latest addition of Ethereum dApp kit is a huge boost for a coin that has been dormant for more than a year. The anticipated collaboration Utrust crypto payment system is a major boost that will skyrocket ETC demand in the market as the new outfit will act as a third party “escrow” to protect consumers against a volatile market.


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