IOTA (MIOTA)- The digitization of the media industry created complex challenges for most print media companies. That’s because they were forced by the market to take their content online. However, for most of them, finding a working  model that can give them the same amount of revenues, as they used to make in print, has become a major challenge. Many have failed and went under because they have been forced to adopt a subscription model, where they charge a fixed monthly fee for their services, which not many people are willing to pay. Simply put, the fixed subscription model for news is pretty much dead on arrival, as most formerly print media giants have come to discover.

But while this may seem like a insomountable challenge, cryptocurrencies could be the answer. That’s because instead of charging a fixed amount, such companies can start charging a few pennies for reading their articles. This not only allows allows the company to make money, but also incentivize readers to actually pay for such content. That’s because the amount involved is pretty low, and doensn’t give any pinch to the readers pocket. One crypto that could play this role pretty well is IOTA.

IOTA (MIOTA) is designed to allow for microtransactions and in a feeless environment.  For a media company struggling with subscription payments, integrating IOTA could be an innovative way to boost revenues. That’s because sending a few miota would cost someone just a few pennies, and transfering them would not cost the sender a dime. This is something that cannot be replicated with fiat or with fee-based cryptos. In essence, IOTA (MIOTA) could have a massive use-case in the media industry, and could unlock value in an industry that is, otherwise, dying.

If the media were to adopt IOTA, they would add to the growing use cases of this token in industries as diverse as the mobility industry, where it has a use case,  in making payments micropayments for charging electric cars. It is estimated that smart electric cars could constitute up to 50% of all new car sales by the year 2030, and that’s a huge market for IOTA (MIOTA) token.

The above are just a snippet of the potential use cases of the IOTA (MIOTA) token. The use cases are wide, as it can be applied in any industies where there is a need for microtransactions. But why is a use-case of the  token itself important? Well, it is important because there are lots of tokens in the crypto market that may  not have a real use case in their respective networks.

This means that no matter how big such networks get, the token may never gain in value. Similar fears have been there with regards to the IOTA token too. But clearly, IOTA (MIOTA) has an intrisic value. It’s ability to send micro-transactions in a feeless environment is an incentive for people to use it. It will unlock value in areas that were previously thought impossible. This coupled with the deepening strength of the tangle, pretty much guarantee the future growth of this crypto.


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