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The September 10 ZClassic hardfork that saw the birth of ANON appeared to have confined the coin into oblivion but the new outfit appears to be rising from the ashes under a new roadmap. Prior to the split, ZCL value has been on the decline and this is about to change if the last few days are anything to write home about.

The hardfork timing could have had negatives impact on the ZCL coin but was investible and was the only way for ZClassic to make get a footing in the market, grow its user base and reposition itself as a formidable force in crypto verse. The project’s product has always kept the investor away but the future now looks bright.

A Better Era for ZCLassic (ZCL)

The coin appears to have taken some rest from the media limelight, a clear indication that the platform is soon hitting back big and better. The price surge comes barely two weeks after the hard fork and the last tweet from ZClassic after the successful fork appears to be coming true:

Zclassic (@ZclassicCoin)

“Congrats @ANON_WeAreANON on a successful launch!  As your adventure begins so does ZCL’s new chapter.  And what an exciting chapter it will be. We have a new road map that we believe will bring value to the ZCL community and all of crypto. Now begins our RELAUNCH 🚀Stay tuned”

September 10, 2018 

The birth of ANON ushers a new era for ZClassic and it appear that the anticipated relaunch will add more appeal to the ecosystem. Investors are looking for the value proposition that the updated roadmap will present to the world and its implementation will make or break the coin.

ZClassic Rollercoaster Market Ride

ZClassic (ZCL) forked from ZCash and retained the privacy feature. With crypto enthusiasts increased interest for privacy coins, it is about time the coin puts its act together and taps into the demand rush. However, the coin price entirely depends on the market demands and has no scarcity mechanism in place which explains why the price has become prone to market free falls.

The ZClassic-ANON fork has slowed down the ZCL uptake in the market and this will take a while before a market correction, however, the communal support focused coin is set to recover soon than the market anticipates. However ZClassic is not a lone player in crypto-sphere and need a lot of convincing to bring more adopters onboard.

ZClassic ANON Hardfork Price Depression Comes to an end

For the first time after the hardfork, the ZCL price appears to be mooning with the last 24-hour trading window indication a growth of 39.61% for the coin to trade at $4.78. The price surge comes at a time when a large percentage of the coins and tokens in the market are treading in the red territories.

Earlier in the day, ZClassic (ZCL) price hit a high of $4.81 before heading back down. A total of $2.27million worth of ZCL with the bulk of the volumes coming through Bittrex exchanges which accounts for 82.01%. The good news is trading is mostly concentrated on the ZCL/BTC a clear indication that they are not headed to exiting the crypto market.


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