Dash (DASH)

Dash (DASH) has been accepted by UNICEF France for donations. UNICEF is one of the biggest humanitarian organizations of UN. Dash alongside BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, XMR, LTC, BCN and EOS has been accepted by UNICEF France for donations, which will help the organization to improve their donations. Dash already has been a well trusted currency for transaction purpose as it has been adopted by more than 3000 merchants around the world.

UNICEF trusting on the blockchain technology and admiring it, it is a huge boost for cryptocurrencies. As UNICEF is a global organization of humanitarian rights and this step of accepting digital currencies is clear signal that the world is ready for the revolution of blockchain technology. The appreciation shown for blockchain technology by UNICEF is admirable and on their official page they stated “Make a Donation In Cryptomonnaie”.  Dash tweeted:

“UNICEF France Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

Game Chaingers was specific program which was organized between BETC advertising agency and UNICEF France earlier this year, where UNICEF asked gamers around the world to use their powerful graphic cards to mine Ethereum for the benefit of Syrian Children. So UNICEF have already tested ETH, so know they want to grow this channel, which is good for both UNICEF and cryptocurrencies.

The advantages of decentralized donations is the factor why UNICEF has accepted digital currency. It eliminates expensive banking and exchange fees, allows individuals to donate without a third party involved. The major factor is that it doesn’t involves government influence and censorship, which allows donations on large scale.

Dash is even more productive for donations

The major turn around for Dash (DASH) was when the Venezuelans started adopted it. More than 3,000 merchants around the globe and with over 1,500 of them from Venezuela use Dash on daily bases. From that Venezuela incident, Dash has looked as one of the top currencies for usage of transaction of money and the world has adopted dash in huge number. So the big aspect of Dash adoption is its usability around the world.

Other reasons which are well suited for donations are Dash’s unique DAO structure. It offers very fast confirmations and is very low cost, with immense amount of security. It’s a major factor for charity organizations because they always need to increase their yield. Dash also gives an edge to the organizations by offering freedom from government fiat while also allowing extra privacy through PrivateSend, which enhances anonymous status among the organization and donor.

Dash (DASH) provides an option to buy the food and other goods directly. In Venezuela, Dash has an impact of this and recently a NGO started accepting donations in dash to help feed the hungry children. This is a big reason why UNICEF France as accepted dash for donations, providing the direct use of dash (no need to exchange) for buying food, cloths and other essential goods for needy people.

This addition of Dash on such a big platform will boost its mass adoption even more and lead it to a high price. Dash again has proved that it is a very worthy currency helping its users. In future we will see dash as one of the most used cryptocurrency among the consumers and it will be helpful for those countries which are going through economy crises.


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