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Electroneum has been making a big impact in the payment market and has seen the coin gain a lot of attention and attraction and the price growth has been steady in a relatively bearish crypto space. The coin has jumped to become 63rd of the most valuable coins by market cap.

Electroneum (ETN) is a mobile based digital coin that helps smartphone holders to access cryptocurrencies on the go. The project targets audiences in developing countries who have been locked out by the current banking and money transfer regimes. Over 350million users have access to the mobile app and the figure continues to grow.

Good New Electroneum (ETN) Community

As the crypto market appears to have gone back on a short term slump with all major players trading in the read, there is a lot of uncertainty among traders. However, Electroneum has defied all odds after news that it has been integrated into the BluBlocker platform. BluBlocker is a popular sunglasses brand that comes fully equipped with high definition Melanin, 100% UV block lenses for maximum protection and enhanced clarity.

In an announcement made a few hours ago, a statement from Electroneum through their official twitter handle has said:

More fantastic Instant payment news! Blub\Blocker Sunglasses UK (worn by Zach Galifianakis’s character ‘The Hangover’) has integrated #ETN Instant Payment. Check them out here:


Has your store integrated? Tell us we’ll spread the word!

-September 25, 2018.

The ETN BluBlocker integration news has seen the ETN price surge by 4.09% against the USD to trade at $0.012074. However, the coin has been trading in the green territory for the last 7 days and could not have as a surprise. The only excitement comes at a time the coin is trading in the positive while others are struggling to break even and get back to their gaining ways.

Why Electroneum (ETN) Price is Headed North

The announcement comes at a time when the ETN price has been doing exceptionally well in the market and the adoption of the mobile app appears to be on the rise. The mobile app is still being developed and this has created a lot of interest from traders and investors alike.

The team is also working on their KYC feature on the platform which is attracting high profile telco companies across the globe. With the app, these firms are going to give their consumers low cost transactions that are instant.  A simple integration to the telco firm existing system will make the ETN price skyrocket and the results are already within their reach.

With a unique hybrid ETN model, the technology behind the app has the capability confirm and deliver payments in an instant. The use of ground breaking technology, the “patent pending” is set to transform how instant payments are performed and what’s more;

“Any vendor that accepts payments in ETN will be able to see instantaneously that their customer has the funds available, and that the funds are being transferred through the blockchain. The transactions will be verified instantly, with Electroneum internally ring-fencing the funds to prevent double spending. All in all, the transactions will be completed far quicker than any ordinary credit card transaction. This opens up incredible new opportunities for the coin to be used in real time.”

As the team continue to unleash more products, more and more integrations are bound to come up and this will become the smartphone user favorite app. Mobile uptake penetration in developing countries continues to grow and Electroneum stands a high change of becoming a household name and a global brand in the coming few months.


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