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Tron (TRX)- These cryptocurrency terms have become a big deal since the crypto boom experienced at the tail end of 2017. HODL, SODL and sometimes even BODL are jargons used amongst the cryptocurrency communities to show a strong stance towards holding, selling or buying more of the crypto respectively.

Tron (TRX) has faced a rough patch so far in the year in terms of token value as the coin hit an all-time high in early January at $0.25 USD only to drop below the $0.03 USD mark as of September 25th 2018. The huge fall in price saw a number of investors sell off their holding in the token as the early investors of TRX entered into a holding period to see the daily volumes drop rapidly.

However there has been rapid developments on the TRX blockchain in the last few months with the launch of the TRON mainnet in May the icing on a rather successful year in the technological department. The launch of the mainnet saw a huge number of investors come on board TRX as the trading volumes soared past the $2 billion USD mark in the days preceding the launch of the TRON mainnet. Furthermore, the last fortnight has seen a re-bounce in the market which has pushed TRX to over 15% increase in price in a month.

Why you should HODL and BODL the TRX token in 2018

HODL has been the most popular term to arise in the cryptocurrency field so far. It has had a lasting impact on the TRON community as the community pushed towards having a solid investor base in the course of the year as they prepared for the TRON mainnet launch. “Hold on to Dear Life” shows a stance to belief in the future of the project with BODL a version of “buying” more crypto coins.

The following are short reasons on why investors in TRX should HODL or BODL as TRX targets $0.067 USD by the end of 2018.

Speed and efficiency to skyrocket TRX to top smart contract platform

In a tweet released earlier this week, Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron Foundation remarked on the ability of TRON to carry out transactions at a 100X faster rate than Ethereum. The jibe taken at the current largest smart contract platform in the world shows the power the TRX mainnet holds after migration from the Ethereum’s ERC20 standard.

Speed, efficiency and low cost of transactions on the blockchain indicate an upcoming take over that has already been signaled by the massive numbers of

Justin Sun – Jack Ma courting period to mature into a partnership soon

One of the most respected figures in the technological field, Jack Ma has once again offered positive opinions on the future of blockchain technology validating VeChain (VEN) and Iota (MIOTA) in the process. One coin he has however continued showing increased support for is Tron (TRX).

Justin, Ma’s protégé, has closely worked with the Alibaba chief to see the integration of the TRON blockchain on Alibaba, the largest online market east of the world. With a number of analysts predicting the addition of TRX to the online marketplace to boost the price above $5, integration with Ma’s other company, Ant Financial offers even more benefits to TRX.


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