XRP (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) are the 3rd generation cryptocurrencies. Both of these coins have gained more than 20% in last seven days, XRP has skyrocketed up to 65%, where as XLM has moved up to 21%. These currencies have showed a positive intent proving that 2019 is going to be their year. Although today’s (25th Sep) market is down which has affected XRP and XLM, but it is a regulation bearish market which has been similar throughout last couple of months.

Comparison B/W XRP (XRP) & Stellar (XLM)

XRP (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) are pretty much different from each other in some aspects. Ripple-XRP target the financial institutions (banks, etc.) because they want to corner the market with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Where as, Stellar focuses more on individuals, and that’s where cryptocurrency is being adopted, which an advantage for XLM. XRP governance is centralized with them holding 60% of the token supply, on the other hand XLM is decentralized. The team looking over XRP is a whole bunch of bankers and with stellar they are entrepreneurs from WordPress, YCombinator and etc.

Some features which are same between both of these network are that they are, low cost, highly scalable and have very fast transaction time period. So both on their particular technologies are very good and will be the next big platform of cryptocurrency in years to come.

Reasons for a lofty flight of XRP & XLM

Well, last week for XRP (XRP) was a phenomenal time as it crossed the market cap of Ethereum (ETH) and showed the world that what XRP will bring to the digital currency in coming years. Gaining more 100% is a day was something that attracted investors toward XRP and know they are hoping big things from XRP but some may worry about this week’s downfall of ripple, it is just a routine market crises so nothing big to worry about. On the other side, Stellar (XLM) also proved itself as one of the most wanted currency in market by gaining more than 20% in a day. The question is will both of these coins mark their moment in 2019? Well some factors are there which will lead both XRP and XLM to the moon.

XRP (XRP) has some major partnerships to look forward with different banks around the world. The CEO of XRP, Brad Garlinghouse said that they are almost signing one bank a week, which is a huge achievement, it means that the banking system around the globe has trusted Ripple’s blockchain technology. Banks are the world’s largest financial institutions and XRP gaining banking trust means that XRP will reach the top of the market. Another factor is that it has low cost, so almost everyone can use XRP, so we will see a rise in mass adoption of ripple. Recent big partnerships have also boosted XRP volume and market value. The partnership with PNC bank, one of the top banks of America have given a huge boost to ripple and such other partnerships including the one with Coil, which has been the stand out and led XRP to move up over 100% in a day. One big improvement in their technology is that they have upgraded xCurrent to xRapid, which will make its transactions even faster. So Ripple-XRP overall with its technology and partnerships with big financial organizations are leading it to become the next ‘Amazon’.

On the other hand, Stellar (XLM) is among the largest gainer in top 100 coins. With such progress it shows that XLM has the potential to be a top coin and compete with XRP. Currently Stellar (XLM) is at sixth spot in market but if it keeps on progressing the way it has in last six months it will definitely be alongside XRP leading the chart. One of the biggest achievements for Stellar in recent time has been the onboarding of Chain to the Stellar (XLM) family and birth of Interstellar. Stellar Foundation came up with Lightyear to hold the coin routes to market. This step turned out to be a fruity one with the creation of Interstellar. It is a functional arm of XLM which will help eliminate the friction in internal ledger creation. The creation of Interstellar has led to an increase in its presence in market and XLM with such dedicated team, technology and new projects ahead looks like that it will have a high flight in years to come.


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