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The Ethereum Classic (ETC) price has been holding steadily for the last few months and the project team is trying to push it up by concentrating on alliances and integrations. In a new twist of events, the coin is working towards exploiting its potential through mass adoption to increase ETC usability across the globe.

As many crypto market players continue to realign their development strategies and exploring new routes to the market, Ethereum Classic calculated collaborations are surefire catalysts to its future growth. The platform has defined functional products and the only thing missing is connecting these to its target audience. Here are some 5 reasons why the coin future is bright.

Ethereum (ETC) Integration to UTRUST

Through the development team, ETCDEV, the platform is poised to move to the next level of attractiveness and it is about time investors started giving it a second thought. The recent MoU with UTRUST is a pacesetter in the crypto payment sector and a good and viable route to the market. By integrating ETC to UTRUST systems will create extra demand for the coin.

Demand for ETC is on the rise and its choice by UTRUST means it is a reliable platform built on a robust infrastructure. With the new collaboration, ETC visibility gets a major push that will see more UTRUST users adopt the coin given the partner reliability and reach in the market; a fact the UTRUST co-founder and CEO, Nuno Correira supports”

“Ethereum Classic is one of a select few cryptocurrencies, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, with clear institutional demand.”

Ethereum Classic Boost from the SEC

The entry of the SEC into the crypto verse may have spelled doom for some coins and tokens but for Ethereum Classic, it is a boom in disguise. The outfit forked from Ethereum and they share a large percentage of similarities. By the SEC ruling that Ethereum and Bitcoin are securities, it means that automatically, ETC is also a security.

This might not make sense to many ETC critics but is going along way in restoring the investor confidence on the coin. The SEC is the regulatory bod in the crypto industry and a nod is an added advantage to the individual coin. The body is seen in many quarters as a catalyst to the market growth.

Coinbase and ETC Listing Support

After the SEC action, Ethereum Classic was added on the Coinbase platform as a “clean coin” also sends a strong message to the investor community that the coin is safe and trusted. This means the coin meets all the set standards and good to go. This has become a good market entry point for the coin and the global exchange will be able to act as a key gateway.

The listing meant a lot for the coins and the enthusiasm saw the coin price skyrocket only to drop few days later. This appears to be a wakeup call for the coin and has shunned the normal social media hype and instead moved to work on its products behind the scenes and this is why every investor should watch the coin.

Ethereum DApp Developer Tool-Kit Launch

The latest sign of a coin rising from the ashes is the recent launching of the Emerald dApp tool-kit suite. This is set to shift focus from the Ethereum platform and ETC is among the beneficiaries as more developers are shifting base to forward looking outfits in the crypto-sphere tech.

Developer and ICO projects are not comfortable launching their projects on Ethereum and the timing of Emerald is just too perfect. However, the ripple effects of the suite have not started to be felt and in a couple of months, the platform will command a huge dApp base in crypto verse.

  Ethereum Classic (ETC) Stable but Low Price

The platform is banking on its low price to hoodwink investors onboard and this is a good tool that will see mass developer and ICO launch “migrants” joining the platform. The ecosystem boasts of scalability and fast transaction speeds powered by low fees. Most startups building new projects have low budgets and that is why Ethereum Classic is the ideal project launch pad in the market today.

The potential for Ethereum Classic (ETC) is there are the efforts being put are all geared toward exploiting the glaring opportunities in the market. ETC price at the time of reporting is quoting at $11.01 with a 24-hour growth of 3.62% to the dollar which comes at time when the market leaders are trading in red.


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