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Gifto (GTO) has partnered NEM (XEM) to improve scalability and reduce its cost. Today (26th Sep, 2018) in Hong Kong, Gifto declared that they have partnered with NEM, one of the top blockchain application platform. Gitfo is the largest blockchain dApp platform, through this collaboration in next few months Gifto will test NEM blockchain technology to improve its blockchain-based services. Currently, GTO is using Ethereum blockchain structure, so know they want to upgrade their blockchain system with the help of using XEM tech.

NEM (XEM) is based on such a blockchain technology which always pushes it to perform better. XEM’s blockchain was developed to enhance it’s scale and speed. Its authorized, private blockchain conveys industry with prime transaction rates for international ledgers. Moreover, its comprehensive consensus method makes sure that NEM’s public blockchain can increase without negotiating stability. Steve Li, NEM China Regional Head said:

“We built the NEM blockchain platform from the ground up to outperform competing services in all facets, Our partnership with Gifto helps NEM reach a new user base, and we look forward to collaborating with their team.”


XEM smart asset system has totally modified the use of blockchain, which grows the stability and security of the system. This is what Gifto (GTO) wants from NEM, to increase stabililty and have a secure bolckchain system. The XEM foundation is backed by an international team composed with full of skills in academia, asset development, international management and IT, trading, entrepreneurship, property, business processes. Such a huge business atmosphere provides XEM to grow its technology and improve its network usability around the world. The team of NEM provide this through a line-up of support and development, from training events and service contributors to specialized support for their system.

Gifto (GTO)

Gitfo has the world’s largest blockchain based dapps ecosystem to date, with over more than one million wallet holders, leveraging its ecosystem products like Uplive, Giftomon, and CoinUp among others. More than 500k use GTO across gifto dapps and the number of global community members is over 100K. It is the first digital currency token integrated into a consumer app, with over more than tens of millions of users. Using Gifto, gamers, digital content creators and charities can be send and recieved through virtual gifts across social media including Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

This partnership will be fruitful for both XEM and GTO. As it will help gifto to improve their technology and make their presence felt in the market. On the other side, for NEM this partnership will also be very healthy because it will increase the adoption and user base of XEM across the globe through the platform of Gifto. NEM has much to offer to cryptocurreny and this deal with help XEM to grow it’s network.


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