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XRP (XRP) had a crazy week as it went upto 100% getting all XRP holders excited. In past couple of days it has erased almost half of last week’s gains. The reason why XRP spiked last week was that Ripple labs, the company behind the XRP token announced that it’s close to launching a new product ‘xRapid’. This was exciting for crypto investors because xRapid could help banks meet up transactions using the XRP token. So we saw a massive surge in XRP price compared to fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies alike, which took it from key support and near all time low levels to a four month high versus USD and a seven months high versus BTC. But the gains were short lived, once the investors who’ve been sitting on their loses for a while started taking profit and XRP value started going back down on profit taking pressure.

But the latest announcement made by Coinbase to list more coins has boosted XRP price rapidly. At the time of writing, XRP has moved up to 16% increasing its price to $0.53 USD. The price has been rising from last 24 hours as the announcement by Coinbase went viral. The price of XRP last night was $0.44 USD and know it has surged up to $0.53 USD, which is a significant increase in less than a time of 24 hours.

The officials of Coinbase stated that they are announcing a new process that will allow them to quickly list most digital assets that are compliant with local law, by satisfying listing requests in a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction manner. This means that some new assets listed on Coinbase may only be available to customers in select jurisdictions for a period of time.

This statement from coinbase makes it clear that their is an opportunity for XRP to be listed on the coinbase network. This doesn’t guarantees that XRP will be listed but has given a prominent sign that it might get listed because Ripple users have been complaining that why haven’t Coinbase listed Ripple, even though coins with less market cap are on the list. This might be the moment of XRP because the way it’s price has surge in last few hours, the numbers surely indicate something big on the horizon.

According to the statement by the officials of Coinbase, the team will announce new listings when the listing is nearly going live on their network. So in next couple of days XRP might be on the list of Coinbase. The announcement has boosted XRP to such high level, well if it gets listed on Coinbase, stay ready for another bullish run from XRP.

At the time of press, XRP is trading at a market cap of $20,881,940,383 USD just few digits away from again overtaking Ethereum as the second largest currency on coinmarketcap. The next couple of days will be very exciting for the investors of XRP, as what will be announced by Coinbase, will XRP be added on Coinbase, well wait for a while and keep an eye on the market.


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