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The rising Eternal Token (XET) popularity has seen the token price performance surprise many in the crypto since its entry into the top 100 valuable coins club on Wednesday. The platform offers a central point where users can easily track their digital assets. This will help crypto spenders access the platform a central conversion hub.

The unusual growth might be slowed down with many traders having mixed reactions as to whether it is a pump and dump. This has been the fear in the markets when new coins tend to outperform older digital assets. However, for the Eternal Token (XET) the growth is supported by the developer and marketing teams’ effort to increase its visibility in the last two month.

Eternal Price to the Moon as it Gets Major Support

The little known Eternal Token (XET) is on fire for the last 24 hours and the price burst has sent a warning to the crypto verse. The token came in to the line light after hitting a high of $1.25 on August 10 before succumbing to the market bear pressure only to emerge in the last one day to surpass its earlier high in two months.

At the time of reporting, the XET token price has gained 32.79%, 32.60% and 33.38% against the dollar, Bitcoin and Ether to trade at $1.64. The last one week has seen XET gain by over 645% to move from 110 ranking by market cap to the current 67th position and here are some reasons for the massive gains.

Eternal Token (XET) Increased Support

The token appears to be getting a lot of publicity through their social media channels and in particular twitter. The communication between the project team and the community has had a very positive impact on the current price mooning. This has given investor enough confidence to trust in the XET token.

The month of August has seen the token the improvement of the Eternal Wallet. This is set to offer personalized solutions to the community, a better users experience and more exposure to the token with other major crypto assets. The security features and price growth saw the token added on CoinMarketCap on August 13.

The same month of august has seen the XET token get listed on CoinGeko giving it additional exposure for more investors to stake up and trade. This additional saw the coin rank 110 by market cap before getting a listing nod on the Coinlib exchange, a very strategic entry into the Asian Market.

Eternal Token (XET) Entry into the Asian and African Market

Eternal Token made an announcement that they are partnering with a business firm, Eternal Wallet PH Holding Inc. based in the Philippines and this has seen trade in XET volumes increase in Asia in the last two days. With the structure of the platform is designed as a hub for digital coin conversion, a global outlook will drive visibility and usage and this is why the coin has been on mass adoption journey in the last two weeks

Earlier today, the token has announced its entry into the African market with their project headquarters based in Nairobi, Kenya. While making the announcement, the tweet said:



“News Updates: We are pleased to announce that our project in advancing new official authorized exchange of Eternal Coin in Kenya, Africa has been established. Stay tuned for more updates!”

September 26, 2018Eternal Exchage

According to the available information, the entry to the African market will see mass recruitment throughout the African continent. The token appears to be getting a global appeal and the price growth is genuine and not a artificial but based on real market acceptance.



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