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Verge (XVG) a digital currency which was motivated by Bitcoin blockchain technology, but XVG has brought much changes and development upon it. Verge blockchain technology provides you with fast, flexible and totally private and anonymous transaction. The most essential thing about XVG is that it’s a currency built upon the concept of increasing mass adoption. When you scrutinize some of Verge (XVG) partnerships, you will realize they are about mass adoption. Different companies and organizations are recognizing the benefits of Verge as a method of transaction day by day, as the world comes to know more about blockchain technology.

Certain other major advantages that Verge (XVG) gives to its users is that it provides you with a low cost, a quick and efficient transaction anywhere around the globe. It is highly private, providing business organizations and individuals with a choice for sending and receiving payments instantly, according to the choice of the user. Verge has this ability to keep a good relation with its user, which is very critical for any brand to thrive in the market and Verge seem to know this. The relationship between the Verge (XVG) developers has become a point of focus lately.

XVG also provides you with any option to keep your transaction public, private or anonymous. One basic aspect of a well controlled currency is its liquidity. On large scale exchange marketplace, Verge has proven to be one of the most liquid tradable assets.

Some of the Advantages of Verge (XVG)

  • Banishes chargeback fraud

Verge transaction is fixed (immutable). As the user pays for any service or commodity, the money comes to his wallet. It’s not like a debit card payment system, once the user have paid in verge, he cannot reverse his charges.

  • Wraith Protocol

This protocol is an upgraded version of Verge based on Tor and I2P networks. This protocol provides the user to send and receive payments privately over XVG blockchain by allowing private addressing services. This allows the user to hide their IP addresses which helps them to keep their transaction private and anonymous.

  • Transaction speed and instant accessibility

Verge has a decentralized blockchain system, which means there is no third party involved. It depends upon the load of network, the time of transaction is almost between 10 seconds, which is quite faster than the daily transaction system in banks. When the payment is confirmed, the transaction amount is in users wallet and is available instantly. At the end of each transaction, the user is able to convert XVG into fiat currency.

  • Lower Transaction Costs

Verge provides you with a very low cost transaction and makes it easy for everyone to move their money around. XVG provides user with a transaction rate of only 0.1 XVG, which means it saves up to 90% on users transaction costs. Whereas, Credit Card payments are much expensive costing somewhere around 2% and 4% charge fee. Verge solves the issue for those who purchases an expensive product, XVG decreases an over inflated cost.

  • Attract new customers and Garner publicity

Verge has been amongst the popular coins in the market, with its daily growing popularity more companies are getting interested to partner with XVG. Verge is looking forward to move on with its current projects under way. Especially, their new innovations in technology have been the high light. So in future we will see more adoption of Verge around the world, helping grow its volume and price.


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