Cardano (ADA) in August released the version 1.3.0, with the launch of 1.3.0v ADA has fixed a lot of networking issues and block syncing goes a lot faster. Cardano users can download the blockchain from scratch. The new update is coming sooner i.e 1.4v (1.3.1v), the interesting aspect of this update will be that it will enable all the features required to have a ‘TestNet’ for Cardano. The five vital updates of the new version 1.4 (1.3.1v) are following:

Cardano Conversion to Version 1.4 (1.3.1v)

Cardano is moving quite swiftly in this fast moving crypto world. ADA has already designed up some remarkable support for their blockchain based performance. ADA has surged up among the crypto status with daily growing improvement in their blockcchain technology, pushing more investors with its intriguing concept and pending programs. Cardano is one of the most technical crypto asset with its projects to reach huge ICO markets lately. ADA is rapidly progressing with its new updates on a large scale ecosystem as its user base is increasing day by day.

Cardano (ADA) latest version update is coming soon i.e 1.4v. ADA investors can have a big selling point after this up coming blockchain version update. But before the investors invest their fiat currency into cardano and its ecosystem, potential supporters need to recognize the major elements of the excessive adjustments coming to the existing Cardano community.

Daedalus Wallet for Linux Machines

This development of Cardano might be the most thrilling one for the members of ADA network after the new updated version. For a while know, the customers have been asking for a way to utilize the famous Cardano wallet, which is also known as Daedalus, on their Linux computers. Linux is quite famous among the users of digital currency and the followers of blockchain technology. It’s quite amazing that the network has not yet released a solution for Linux.

But according to the developers the solution is already in place and the users can use the popular Daedalus wallet on any Linux devices.

Addition of Rust on Cardano (ADA)

Rust is one of the famous programming languages used by developers in the blockchain and digital currency society. Rust will make it easy for the new developers for their development in ADA blockchain technology. It will be know usable on the present Cardano network. This new coding language will assist the developers to improve and contribute to major developments ahead.

New Testnets

Cardano Network, as well as the other big blockchain networks are always in need of new TestNets. For the development and progress of any blockchain it is very important to have TestNet, because then it allows the users to test their own assumptions and the features on the net without causing any difficulty on the main ADA chain.

With the release of this new update, two new TestNets are being launched which include Cardano TestNet and Shelley TestNet. This is a good effort by Cardano to change into a completely decentralized network. This a good new for the users of Cardano who fear the whack of centralization. The Cardano TestNet will allow the users to test things out on a chain away from ADA mainnet.

Backend Developments

Moreover, Cardano (ADA) new version 1.4 will add some important changes to the storage blocks process owned by chains. ADA developers are working hard to reduce the quantity of area which is required for ADA blockchain to be stored. This will place each epoch in its specific file, preferably placing single file on every block. This will decrease the whole networks’s filing to only 200 files, know this will be a major diminution to 1.5 million which at the moment occupies for storage.


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