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Electroneum (ETN) is one of the best performers in the market this week. It’s up by over 700% and continues to rise, pushing up by over 20% today. But what’s most interesting is that it’s gaining all this momentum, even though it is mainly trading on the small exchanges. This means that if it were to gain a listing in any of the major exchanges such as Coinbase, it would do crazy things in the market. Even a push into the top 20 would be very possible.

The best part is that such a possibility is not far-fetched. Coinbase already has Electroneum as one of the 50 coins it added for informational purposes. This means that Electroneum has one leg into Coinbase, way ahead of most other cryptos that are also hoping for a listing on this exchange. Besides, it meets the requirements of the new guidelines that Coinbase has released for the launching of new coins.

This means that the possibility of Coinbase listing it will be quite high going into the future. When Coinbase lists Electroneum (ETN), it could easily push up by another 300% or even more. All coins that have listed on Coinbase, so far, have experienced huge pumps. As such, for a crypto that is already experiencing massive FOMO like Electroneum (ETN), the results would be astronomical.

The other exchange that tends to do wonders to cryptos when they list on it is Binance. Most times when a coin lists on Binance, it usually experiences huge FOMO buying. Electroneum (ETN) has a good chance getting listed on this exchange too, because it has a team behind it that could facilitate the fees that Binance charges.

But the best part about Electroneum (ETN) is that it stands to continue to surge even without the big exchanges. That’s because its value proposition is quite strong. One of its biggest strong points to Electroneum is that it stands to provide financial services to millions of people in the developing world who are largely unbanked.  The mobile-based financial services in Africa alone is worth billions, and is projected to grow by double-digits in the next decade.

It is projected that by the year 2020, this market will be worth upwards $14 billion. When you factor in other markets such as South East Asia that also has a huge population of unbanked populations, it is not hard to see why Electroneum (ETN) is poised to pump hard going into the future. Besides, it has a patent pending for instant crypto payments. This patent stands to open up the crypto ecosystem, and will anchor the value of Electroneum (ETN) going into the future.

Whatever percentages it rises by, one thing is clear, Electroneum is headed up. It’s one of the most realistic crypto investments going into Q4 of 2018. A return of bullish sentiment in the entire market, would be a welcome boost to the value of Electroneum (ETN) going into the future. It stands a good chance of hitting upwards of a billion dollar valuation in the future.


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