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Kranken Exchange lists QTUM

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange announced on September 28th the listing of Quantum (QTUM) alongside Cardano (ADA), another major digital currency. The platform launches both trading and funding in the two cryptocurrencies simultaneously. QTUM will be available to trade on the exchange in pairs with the fiat currencies; USD, EUR, CAD and cryptocurrencies XBT and ETH. However, margin trading will not be possible with the listed currencies. Investors and traders are able to follow updates regarding the listing on Kraken’s status page. The new Kraken platform has been built for great user experience with features such as integrated charts and tools. It also has mobile trading capabilities making it convenient for investors and traders using QTUM and the other listed coins. The ability to trade directly between QTUM and the three major fiat currencies gives more options and liquidity for users.

Circle invest adds QTUM

This announcement comes barely a week after QTUM was added to Circle Invest, an app that brings a collection of crypto assets onto a single platform allowing users to easily access and buy individual or diversified group of cryptocurrencies. Among the characteristics considered in the identification of assets to include on Circle Invest is the potential of a crypto asset to contribute powerful infrastructure to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Quantum blockchain allows developers to build dApps and run smart contracts with QTUM as its native currency. The platform is a hybrid blockchain with features of both Bitcoin and Ethereum included in its development. The coin was added to the app’s offerings alongside EOS, Stellar and OX, other top digital assets in the market. The Circle Invest portfolio currently includes 11 digital assets and continues to bring more in order to attract more investors.

QTUM Price Analysis

QTUM continues to surge gaining 8.80% against the USD and 5.10% against Bitcoin in the last 24 hours. This is consistent with its performance over the last one week which has seen the coin move from a USD 294 million on September 20th to its current valuation of USD 350 million. QTUM is currently priced at USD 3.94 and ranks 28th by market capitalization. Following the announcement on today’s listing on Kraken, 24 hour trade volumes increased by over 50% to almost USD 200 million, about 57% of its market cap. The coin’s renewed surge in price is a breath of fresh air for QTUM holders, who had lost more than USD 130 million since the month begun.

About QTUM

QTUM was developed a year ago as the first smart contract network to use the proof of stake (PoS) consensus. The platform uses lightning networks with the aim of scaling up to 50,000 transactions per seconds. As part of its research and development efforts, QTUM sponsors research at the University of California — Berkeley, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xidian University, and the University of Sheffield. It is also sponsoring 3 doctoral candidates at Tallinn University of Technology, two of whom have their doctoral symposium accepted by the IEEE September 2018. Some of the research topics sponsored by QTUM include; “A Legally Social-Technical Language Development for Smart Contract” and “A Self-Aware Contract For Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Commerce”. Other areas of focus include the development of a post-quantum applied cryptography, zkSNARK-based privacy-preserving smart contracts, and zero-knowledge proofs for large computations. The research efforts are aimed at facilitating development of the blockchain to make it superior and best suited for the market.


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