Stellar (XLM) and XRP (XRP) are two cryptos that seek to dominate the cross-border payments market. This competition usually leads the diehard fans of each of them to have a biased view, when trying to vouch for their favorite coin. However, the reality is that both of them are amazing investments, and could do exceptionally well in Q4. Here’s why a savvy investors would be looking to hold both as a way of maximizing returns.

First the cross-border payments market is large, and will definitely accommodate both of them. This is a trillion dollar market that encompasses not just banks, but other financial institutions as well. So far, both of them have experienced some level of adoption by different financial institutions all across the world. Through its partnership with IBM, Stellar (XLM) has been adopted by a number of banks and this adoption continues to grow.

Going into Q4, there is a good chance that more banks will start using it, especially now that IBM launched the blockchain world wire that enables banks to make cross border payments in a matter of seconds.  Similarly, it is widely expected that ripple’s XRapid will go live in quarter 4, and will see a significant number of banks start using it. Already a number of financial institutions are using XRapid, and several others are testing XCurrent. As such, once XRapid goes live, and more institutions adopt it, then the value of XRP will shoot up significantly.

In essence, based on their potential for adoption by more financial institutions going into Q4, both stand a very realistic chance to moon in the next few months.  This projection is grounded on the performance of the two in the last few weeks.  A week ago, XRP shot up by over 60% from around $0.26 to $0.78 based largely on the news that XRapid will be going live soon. Stellar (XLM) too has performed quite well in the past few weeks, based on the adoption of the stellar blockchain by different banks, through IBM.

The second reason why these two coins could do a moonshot in Q4 is the Coinbase factor. Recently, Coinbase released new procedures for listing new coins to their platform.  This has created excitement in the market that it could be an opportunity for XRP (XRP) to apply for a listing. If by any chance, Coinbase lists XRP in quarter 4, its value would skyrocket. It would be the biggest event in Q4 when coupled with the possibility of XRapid going live in the same period.

For Stellar (XLM), the possibility of it getting into Coinbase in Q4 is even higher. That’s because, Coinbase had already shown intention to list it months ago. This means that with the revision of its requirements, it will now be more likely for them to list it as one of their first coins, based on the new guidelines.   This makes holding both of them a good strategy going into Q4. The two have a good chance of outperforming the market, and give exemplary returns.


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